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Andre Morin and his brother Francois Benjamin Morin emigrated from Montreal Quebec to Mackinac Island between 1807 and 1809 to work in the Fur Trade.  Sometime around the 1850′s their names were changed to Morrow.   Francis and Andrew were the only two siblings that survived to adulthood.  While Andrew Morrow stayed and settled on Mackinac Island and Bois Blanc.  Francis Morrow married Margaret Basinet and settled in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

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Crystal Shawanda - You Can Let Go
By admin 09/02/2012

  Crystal Shawanda born in Wikwemikong, Ontario, Canada on Manitoulin Island. She is Canadian First Nation Ojibwe and a Country Artist. Manitoulin Island is located not to far from Drummond Island and the Les Cheneaux Islands. My neighbors are also First Nation and members of the Oji ... more

2010 - St. Ignace Genealogy Conference - Hosted By Cindy Leutz and Theresa Weller
By admin 08/28/2012

Article from September of 2010 of the St. Ignace News about a Genealogy Conference hosted by Cindy Leutz and Theresa Weller at the middle school in St. Ignace.   Genealogy Session To Offer Research in Regional Records   By Ted Booker Those interested in discovering m ... more

A Secret Vow - By Linda Ross-Delph
By admin 08/28/2012

  My husband and I exchanged our wedding vows in the summer of 1988, after about a year of being together. We just took our vows together by the lake and we were married in our hearts back then. And finally on Dec 28th, 1993 we got married on paper because it was the wish of his gran ... more

By admin 08/28/2012

The following dissertations were sent to me by Linda Delph and Fred Dakota. You will find a lot of very useful information here:   Transcribed By: Joe Morrow     ORDER DETERMINNG HEIRS   WHEREAS, Maria Dakota, Allottee No. unallocated of L'Anse (Mac ... more

Our Ninja Connection
By admin 08/28/2012

Ninja   A Ninja can cling to the corner of the room that you are in right now, and you wouldn't know even it, for they are highly trained warriors of ancient feudal Japan. They generally have a very large arsenal of weapons they carry on them, including Dragon Stars, Numchucks, the Ma ... more

The Tin Box - By Andrew J. Blackbird
By admin 08/28/2012

  However it was a notable fact that by this time the Ottawas were greatly reduced in numbers from what they were in former times, on account of the small-pox which they brought from Montreal during the French war with Great Britain. This small pox was sold to them shut up in a tin box, ... more

Chief Menominee and the Dakotas (and the Morrows)
By admin 08/28/2012

By Joe Morrow in Morrow Cousins (Files) Statue of Chief Menominee located at the the headwaters of the Yellow River   This transcript of the Mary Curtis Dissertation for the ORDER DETERMINING HEIRS transcript confirms that Joseph Dakota is really of the Iron River C ... more

By admin 12/06/2010

Posted By: Ina Wireman   By Suzanne Guimont Binette In the early history of Canada, it was not until Olivier LeTardif became the personal representative and interpreter for Samuel de Champlain that we first hear the name Manitouabewich. This young Indian, of the Huron Nation, had been hir ... more

Mackinac Island in 1944
By admin 11/26/2010

You can see more information about this video here: http://www.mackinacislandblog.com/ ... more

Ghost Town
By Ina 11/21/2010

This is a very interesting site I came across in researching family.... http://www.migenweb.net/presque_isle/Ghosttowns/belllogging.html ........... Also found the name Burnham very interesting.... Variant spellings of that name are Burnam, Burnem, Burnum. Etc. ... more

Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth Clark - Memoirs By Ina Wireman
By admin 08/28/2012

Elizabeth Clark - Memoirs By Ina Wireman August 11th,2012     I was 9 or 10 years old and it was the early 1960's, we lived near a very busy downtown Detroit, often called the Motor City, which would later be referred to as Motown. My sister Faye always watched Dick Cla ... more

Elizabeth Clark Morrow - By Ina Wireman
By admin 08/28/2012

Elizabeth Clark Morrow - By Ina Wireman By Joe Morrow in Morrow Cousins (Files) · Edit Doc · Delete   I don't know how many of you know about Elizabeth Clark Morrow, your great grandmother and for some of you she is your great great grandmother, But she was ... more

The Affidavit of Elizabeth Clark
By admin 08/28/2012

Baraga Circuit Court, L'Anse, Michigan   Elizabeth Clark has always maintained her innocence right up to the day she died, Ina Wireman has recovered the Court documents from this historic case, and we were not really surprised by what we found. She was clearly railroaded through t ... more

The Sentencing of Elizabeth Clark
By admin 08/28/2012

The Sentencing of Elizabeth Clark By Joe Morrow in Morrow Cousins (Files) · Edit Doc · Delete DeHoCo - Detroit House of Corrections Pictured Sewing Room, undated   On January 10th,1933 Elizabeth Clark is sentenced. Her primary language at the time ... more

The Guilty Plea of Elizabeth Clark
By admin 08/28/2012

Elizabeth Ziolkowski, age 60 at the time was arrested and charged in early October 1932 for the death on September 4th,1932 of her husband John Ziolkowski who was 35 years old at the time. At her arraignment, she plead not guilty to the charge of murder in the first degree. At the time she w ... more

Elizabeth Clark - Exhibit 1 - The Confession of Elizabeth Clark
By admin 08/28/2012

The "So Called" Confession see my notes at the end ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Provided By: Ina Wireman Transcribed By: Joe Morrow   I, Mrs. Elizabeth Ziolkowski, hereby mak ... more

Elizabeth Clark - Judge Jacksons Opinion in Denial of Retrial
By admin 08/28/2012

In 1949, Elizabeth Clarks Attorney attempts to get a retrial, which is denied by Judge Jackson at the time. Her attorney then attempts to appeal the decision, an I believe to no available, that information is available in other documents that I have uploaded.   Here is Judge Jackson's ... more

Elizabeth Clark and Marie Madeline/Madgeline Boissoneau - Research By Ina Wireman
By admin 11/20/2010

Jackie, Thank you so much for your reply, I am researching my Great Grand Mother, on Marriage records she gives her father as Michael Clark Born, 1839 In Garden River His Mothers name was Margaretael Kitchibonisi his father was Francois Clark And Magdalene (Madeline) Boissoneau Was his wife, O ... more

Elizabeth Boissonezu Clark Research By Ina Wireman
By admin 11/20/2010

Jackie, Thank you so much for your reply, I am researching my Great Grand Mother, on Marriage records she gives her father as Michael Clark Born, 1839 In Garden River His Mothers name was Margaretael Kitchibonisi his father was Francois Clark And Magdalene (Madeline) Boissoneau Was his wife, On ... more

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View of St. Anne’s Church Mackinac Island

This site contains many images and snippets from the St. Anne’s early church records where many of our ancestors were baptized and married.

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Agatha Biddle’s Band of Mackinac Indians

1870 Chippewa and Ottawa chiefs (Durant Roll)

1870 Census Roll.

1908 Durant Roll.

Morrow Relatives on the Rolls NEW

Morrow Pedigree

Mary Ann Kelegekwanebe

Andre Morin

Mary Corron

Oliver Morrow

Elizabeth Clark

I am set as the default home person, relationships will show how individuals on the Durant Rolls and in the Morrow Family Tree Collection are related to me. Soon, I will implement methods allowing others to login and set a home person and contribute to the Morrow Family Tree website.


Joe Morrow

John Boston Photos submitted by Jeff Sherrard

John Boston married Elizabeth Clark in 1920.

scan0001_thumb[1] scan0002_thumbscan0005_thumb  scan0004_thumb scan0006_thumbscan0005 - Copy_thumb  scan0003_thumb

Elizabeth Clark


Oct 7th,1932 Ironwood Daily Globe

Widow is held for husband’s murder

Read full article on Elizabeth Clark when she was first held for murder charges back in 1932.





Oct 8th,1932 Ironwood Daily Globe

Murder is charged





Feb 24th,1961 Oakland Tribune

At 85 She Wants Freedom








May 5th,1961 Anderson Herald

New Life after 27 years







 Biddle House<br /> Mackinac Island, Mackinac County<br /> October 8, 2007

Agatha Biddle

Chief of the Mackinac Tribe of Chippewa Indians on Mackinac Island in the Mid to late 1800’s.  Agatha Biddle is  the daughter of famous fur trader Joseph Bailey and wife of another famous fur trader, Edward Biddle.   The Biddle house still stands today on Mackinac Island and can be seen on a visit to Mackinac Island.

 Read More


Meet Sarah Poole Roe

The daughter of Thomas Poole, a Wesleyan Methodist and school master.


Read More

Eliza Poole Roe Obituary

The daughter of Thomas Poole, a Wesleyan Methodist and school master.

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King of Hearts

It was the 1970′s and the CB, short for Citiz

en Band Radio was a social tool used by many hobbyist and truckers…for some, like Fred, it was a way of life.

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Olive Giroux and Mary Vallee?

Can anyone positively identify these ladies?
Picture belonged to Joseph (Giroux) aka Vallee of Cedarville.

Possibly Olive is a relative.

Cindy Leutz.


Joe (Giroux) Vallee and Agnes Boucher of Cedarville

. Both were born in Penetanguishene, Ontario but moved to Cedarville about 1902.
Agnes’ 2nd great grandparents were Jacques Vasseur Jr. and Madeleine Ouiouiskoin who married at Mackinac /aug. 5, 1799. Joseph Giroux (who took his mother’s maiden name of Vallee) was the great grandson of Pierre Giroux and “possibly” Charlotte Spenard who married at Drummond Island in 1825. Charlotte was the daughter of Charles Spenard
and Geneieve Dufoe. Charles Spenard worked for the British Army at Mackinac prior to the War of 1812. Owner of picture:

Cindy Leutz.

1911 Vallee/Giroux Photo

Joseph Vallee standing near doorway, Mary Vallee to the right of Josephine,
Edmund Vallee in cap, Lavina Vallee between Mary and Edmund, Ernestine Vallee in white dress,
and Josephine is holding onto Elizabeth Vallee on chair.
Sorry, we don’t know the dog’s name.
Owner of photo:Cindy Leutz. Taken in Cedarville about 1911.

Prominent people with the MORIN surname include: (source: Wikipedia.org)In Canada:

  • Morin-Heights, Quebec, a town in the Laurentian Mountains region of Quebec, Canada
  • Morin Lake, a small lake northwest of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Morinville, Alberta, a town in Sturgeon Country, in Alberta, Canada
  • Grand Morin, a 118 km long river in France, left tributary of the Marne
  • Petit Morin, a 86 km long river in France, left tributary of the Marne
  • Quartier-Morin, a municipality in the Cap-Haïtien Arrondissement, in the Nord Department of Haiti
  • Val-Morin, Quebec, a municipality in the Laurentides region of Quebec, Canada
In other places:

In Literature: