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By: Ina |
December 6 2010 8:52

When I got into searching out my family tree I wanted more than names on a tree, I wanted stories added to the names.I know [...]

Ghost Town

By: Ina |
November 21 2010 10:52

This is a very interesting site I came across in researching family…. ……….. Also found the name Burnham very interesting…. Variant spellings of that [...]

All my ducks in a row

By: Ina |
November 19 2010 8:24

Joe, I figured out how to get all my children in the correct order, it’s looks better now

Testing this out

By: Ina |
November 7 2010 5:11

Attached To: Ina Frances BurnemI don’t know how this quick press works but I’m fixin to find out

Another Family Member

By: Ina |
November 5 2010 17:29

Attached To: Ina Frances BurnemJoe, I think I found another Aunt.There was a Gertrude Gidder born to a Victor Gidder and Marie Morrow in 1929 [...]

They’re out there

By: Ina |
November 3 2010 7:29

Attached To: Ina Frances BurnemI was on the internet one day and came across a site Called Access Genealogy, and the subject was Chippewa Indian [...]

I think I got it

By: Ina |
November 2 2010 19:55

Attached To: Ina Frances BurnemHi Joe,    I think I made it

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