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HL7 Segment Manager

By: admin |
January 12 2013 9:37

HL7SegmentManager allows you to treat raw hl7 formatted messages much like XML by using XPath expressions. The Primary Difference is the hiearchy of the hl7 [...]

2010 – St. Ignace Genealogy Conference ̵

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:33

Article from September of 2010 of the St. Ignace News about a Genealogy Conference hosted by Cindy Leutz and Theresa Weller at the middle school [...]

Reminiscences of Early Days on Mackinac Island

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:32

From the Wisconsin Historical Society Collection The Biddle House on Mackinac Island   This is an excerpt from the book “Reminiscences of Early Days on [...]

A Secret Vow – By Linda Ross-Delph

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:30

  My husband and I exchanged our wedding vows in the summer of 1988, after about a year of being together. We just took our [...]


By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:27

The following dissertations were sent to me by Linda Delph and Fred Dakota. You will find a lot of very useful information here:   Transcribed [...]

Our Ninja Connection

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:24

Ninja   A Ninja can cling to the corner of the room that you are in right now, and you wouldn’t know even it, for [...]

The Tin Box – By Andrew J. Blackbird

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:24

  However it was a notable fact that by this time the Ottawas were greatly reduced in numbers from what they were in former times, [...]

Chief Menominee and the Dakotas (and the Morrows)

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:22

By Joe Morrow in Morrow Cousins (Files) Statue of Chief Menominee located at the the headwaters of the Yellow River   This transcript of the [...]

Are you Dakota?

By: admin |
August 28 2012 2:18

Fred Dakota talks about his first to Washington D.C., just after he became Chief.

1870 Census Roll

By: admin |
December 6 2010 23:28

1870 Bands Mackinac Sault Ste. Marie Traverse Garden River 1908 Durant Bands Mackinac Sault Ste. Marie Traverse Grand River Rolls 1908 Durant Roll 1870 Census [...]

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