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Daily Archives: November 21, 2010

Ghost Town

By: Ina |
November 21 2010 10:52

This is a very interesting site I came across in researching family…. ……….. Also found the name Burnham very interesting…. Variant spellings of that [...]

Somewhere in Time

By: admin |
November 21 2010 7:59

Is a really good movie and has some great shots of Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel. If you have never seen it, I strongly [...]

Morrows on the Web

By: admin |
November 21 2010 7:48

morrow Family History Facts 1920 – MY MORROW FAMILY GENEALOGY at Rootsweb The Morrow-Morin Family Tree Morrow Family Genealogy Forum at Morrow Genealogy [...]

Morrow Native American Connections

By: admin |
November 21 2010 1:26

Our Ancestors were French and Native American from the Mackinac Band of Chippewa Indians primarily from Bois Blanc Island, Mackinac Island and the Les Cheneaux [...]

Lake Superior Tribes of Indians

By: admin |
November 21 2010 1:18

  While researching the Mackinac Island St. Anne’s Church records, there are many instances where references are made to native Americans from “Lake Superior”, this [...]

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