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I am adding this valuable information provided by Rory Griffith, because these families are migrating from/to the same locations

just much earlier and we may be able to use it to further our quest to find out our own roots.

This information is provided by Rory Griffith from the following website: htm

Mothell Parish Families Desiring to leave to go to Upper Canada 1817 – 1818


Emigrants from Counties Carlow & Wexford to Canada. By 1817 there was a post war recession and Irish crops were failing. Soldiers returning from the Napoleonic wars on the European mainland were flooding the labour market. There had been a war in North America between the Americans and the Canadians (1812-14). The English government offered free land to settlers (preferrably with military experience) to defend Canada from the Americans.

Records are on the Canada page.

With Hugh Masson’s (related to the Willoughby’s) notes in brackets.


1. GRIFFITH, Widow, Lewis, Elizabeth?, Jane1, Catherine, James, Jane2 , Mary,

2. GRIFFITH, Richard, Sarah, William, John, Lewis, Richard

3. PRESCOTT, Richard, Mary, Lewis

4. JAMES, Thomas, ?, Anne, Catherine, Jacob, Thomas, religion RC

5. PIELOW, name missing, Sally, Dinah, Elizabeth

6. SMYTH, John, Molly, Mary, Sally

7. KIRFOOT, William , Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, Samuel, Eliza, [this KERFOOT family settled Con 4 lot 25 Beckwith Twp. Lanark Co.

8. GRIFFITH, Henry, Catherine

9. LETT, John, --olly, Martha, 3 more unscrambled names,[ this family was one to move with some of the Willoughbys to Lambton Co.]

10. STONE, William, Susanne, John, Eliza, Jane, William , George,

11. FLEMING, John, Betty, Jane, William ,Richard, Dorah,

12. WARD, John, Anne, Ellen, Mary died,

13. WARD, Luke, Betty, Richard, John Anne,

14. GORDON, Samuel, Mary, John, Samuel,

15. KIERFOOT, George Senior, Jane, Jane Foxstone servant,[ George KERFOOT was known to come but died at Nepean’s Point 1819 before rest got to Beckwith]

16. MORRIS, Joseph, Sarah, Susan, Jane, James, Mary,

17. MORRIS, William, Jane, Henry, James Mary, Joseph? Betty?, Jane, Ellen,

18. WILLOUGHBY, George, Anne, [nee Kerfoot], MaryAnn, Peggy, Alley, William, Thomas, Richard [I descend from Mary Ann]

19. GRIFFITH, John, Mary, Betty, Sally, Anne, Peggy, Jane, May, John, Betty Gregg= servant

20. Missing

21. PENDER, Widow, Mary, Samuel, John, Mary Langford=servant

22. LANGFORD, Widow died Oct. 1817, George, Sally Joseph, William, Richard,

23. STACEY/ STEACY William, Allie/Sally/Alice, Sally, Joseph, Annie, Betty, Jane,

24. BRADLEY Samuel, Betty, Isaac, John, [Samuel will be related to the Kerfoots via Wm’s wife Elizabeth. Records indicate she was Elizabeth Bradley, the widow Wilson before her marriage to Wm Kerfoot. Sam might be a son of Eliz]

25. BASSETT, Edward, Mary, John, Peggy, Thomas, William, Edward? Bassett? Michael Leach/Leech apprentice, Sally Bradley, gone to America 1817, family emigrated to America, probably Canada in 1817,

26. BRADLEY William, ..ea perhaps Jane Shea noted in burial Register Mothel ,Shea Bradley Coolcullen died of fever Oct 12th buried Coolcullen, ..illy, Betty, Henry, John, Alley, Thomas, Samuel,

27. SCARF James Anne, Enoch, Joseph, John, Becham,[Scarfs are found throughout Carleton Co. Scarf family is being traced by Barbara Hadden]

28. RATHWILE/ Rathwell/Rothwell, Edward, Jane and Jane FENNEL[Rothwell is the spelling used in the Tithe applotment book 1824 for Prospect church Coolcullen. Ireland and in land records for Con 4 lot 26 Beckwith Twp.1880]

29. ROSE Widow, Joseph, Betty, James, and James servant

30. KEAYS/ KEYES/ Keys Thomas, Mary,

Mary left 1818 ,Mary Married William ??, William left 1818 William married Mary??, Jane, Mary or May, Elizabeth, Richard

31. KIERFOOT/KERFOOT George, Deborah, William,

32. EUSTACE William, Catherine, left 1817

33. GARLAND Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nicholas, Anne

34. ALCOCK, Thomas, Dorah, Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Francis [Alcocks settled near Kerfoots on Con 4 at Prospect, Beckwith Twp. Peter Light is tracing some of these]

35. TRISTRASSE??, Thomas, Catherine, Patrick, Mary, Thomas, Adam, family left 1817

36. SHIRLEY Basil, Jane, Ellen Morris servant [see families 16 & 17 Shirleys married into Willoughby, some Shirleys stayed in Ireland]


1. GRIFFITH Thomas, Susan, Mary, Anne, Rachel, Francis, Sally, Thomas, Susanna, Esther,

2. JACKSON Robert, Mary, Hannah, Sally, Mary, Robert,

3. LUCAS Widow, Robert, Sally,

4. TOOLE, James, Susan, Robert, Sally [might be POOLE as Pooles settled on Con 4 near Prospect, Beckwith Twp. Lanark Co along with Alcock, Willoughby, Kerfoot]

5. DUCK / AUCK / HUCK William? Margaret? Jonathan married to Anne, Richard

6. SAUNDERS, …?, Margaret, Thomas, John, Margaret, Jane, Martha,

7. SAUNDERS Widow, George, Ellen, James, Nath, Bridget, Betty, Mary, Jane Joseph,

8. PRESCOTT Widow, Henry married ? Mary, Mary, William

9. SAUNDERS William, Anne, Anne,

10. LEECH /Leach/Leich George, [see family 25 Bassett]

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