It was the summer of 1969.. I had turned 5 that summer and would start kindergarten in the fall. Everyone was not happy that all that was on T.V. was the moon mission. It was on all the channels and went on for days. I didn’t quite understand what it was all about at the time. It was kind of boring but interesting at the same time. I remember … See Moreeverybody getting ready for this anniversy. They built these long benches for everyoone to sit on… I remember that cake….ummm, it looked so good, I really wanted a piece of it…but no-one had eaten yet… I touched it with my finger and it was practically smacked right off my hand… I went off and played with all the cousins, most of them older than me and most I have never seen again since….I came back after dinner to get a piece of that cake and it was all gone… I cried and cried… Pictured to the left of grandma is Levi Pearce…he was courting my mom at the time…. Behind grandpa is the old porch and above grandma you can see an electric fence unit. This is the only time, I have ever seen grandpa dressed in nice clothes..he usually wore clothes for working around the farm.