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Further to my earlier request for information which was kindly responded to
by Sheila with some information and photos, perhaps I can help some other
researchers with what I know about them in brief.
There are two Roe patriarchs identified in the 1871 census for Huron
County – the first was John Roe, Irish, Wesleyan Methodist, born abt. 1805,
age 67 living with Robert age 25, and Alford, age 10. Of this family, I
know a great deal (except Alford’s origin – he was not John’s son). The
second was David Roe, age 61, born in Ireland abt. 1810, Prebyterian with
wife Jane and five sons: James, David, Thomas, Hugh and Robert. Of these
Roes, I know nothing but I have a slight reason for suspecting they are
related to John Roe.
John Roe was a younger brother of my ggGrandfather, Thomas Roe (1796-1801).
The Roe brothers marrried two sisters, Sarah (1801-1879) and Eliza Jane
Poole (1811-1868), in Ireland. The girls were daughters of Thomas Poole
(1749-1849), a schoolmaster living in Coon townlands, Kilkenny, Ireland.
Thomas was also a devout churchman and a confrere of the Wesley brothers who
founded the Methodist church.
Many of the Poole’s 15 children emigrated to Canada. Of these, the last
were John, Eliza and their eights sons who came in 1849-50, after the death
of her father. The sons were named (born): Thomas (1831), Richard (1833),
Henry (1835), John (Jan 4, 1837), William (Sept 22, 1839), James (Jan 9,
1842), Robert (Oct 1845) and Samuel (April 1847).
John and Eliza Roe settled in Montague Twp, Lanark Cty abt. 1850, very near
to his brother Thomas and some of Eliza and Sarah’s brothers and sisters.
However, shortly after the census of 1851, John and Eliza and their sons
pulled up stakes and moved to Howick Twp, Huron Cty where they lived until
Eliza’s death from cancer on Dec 21, 1868 (I have her obit.). In the 1870s,
John, Robert and Alford emigrated to the US and settled in Pickford, MI,
about 20 miles south of Sault Ste Marie where they stayed until their
The Roes were originally Church of Ireland (Protestant CofE). Coon
townlands is in NE Cty Kilkenny, Dysart Parish. It is about 10 miles NE of
Kilkenny City and 5 miles SE of Castlecomer, the Dysart Parish seat.
However, many Protestants in Coon crossed the Dinin river and walked to the
Coolcullen church about two miles away in Mothell Parish. Most family
records are found in this church’s archives. The Roes became Methodists
because of their wives’ deep religious convictions and, later, because the
Methodist church in Lanark Cty was giving 100 acres of free land to married
parishoners and 50 acres to single men.
Most of the Roes in Howick and Grey twps censuses were John Roe’s
descendants. The family name seems to have disappeared from sight. Any
help would be appreciated.
Thanks again for your help, Sheila and you too, Cathy.
Bill Roe

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