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  1. Samuel Roe

Sam is one of seven sons of John Roe and Eliza Poole, they migrated to Lanark.

Sam was a surveryor and came to Pickford area in the early to mid 1870′s to survey property for the railroads (I think it was for the railroads).  It was during this time that he had already picked out land to homestead for his family.   He later returned with his family and homesteaded property near Stirlingville.   Based on conversations with my uncled Vern Roe, this property was chosen because of all that it had to offer.   It contained both High and low lands.  The higher ground would provide hard wood and sand, while the lower terrain provided Cedar and other softer wood.  A pond which was also a marsh, great for harvesting cran-berries in the fall. Also the property was located near Stirlingville, which at the time was a port of access for Steam boats to the St. Mary’s.  Sam’s first home would be built on the southeast side of the property since at the time, I am assuming Stirlingville was the primary point of activity for early settlers.    Later on, his son Ashon builds on the western portion of the farm, as Pickford becomes a more viable central settlement in the area.

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