Great-grandmother Maitland was married three times. The first time was to a man named Maitland. They had two children, James and Flo. Her second marriage was to Richard Wonnacott. Richard had been previously married too and had three children, Susan, John and James. John was a dentist and lived near Dunganon in Canada. He was killed while serving in the Canadian army. Susan married a man by the name of Yoe. Richard and Great-grandmother Wonnacott had two children, Richard and Flora. Richard Wonnacott, Sr., died as the result of an accident at a logging bee. Her third marriage was to John Hancock. They had three children, Agnes, Lizzie, and John.

JOHN HANCOCK married Ellen Myra Rye, daughter of Richard and Sarah Rapson Rye in 1878 and they came to Pickford in 1882. AGNES married Henry Cook. LIZZIE married Henry Johnson and they had a daughter, Lizzie.

RICHARD WONNACOTT married Anna Wheeler. They moved to Pickford about the same time as his half-brother, John Hancock. They had nine children: Harriet (Hattie), Louiva Amelia, Ellen ~Vellie) Flora, Richard (Dick) John, Susan Ann, Nora Sophia, Minnie Maitland, Nelson Henry, and William.

Harriet Wonnacott married Hugh Leach. They had six children: Lottie, Mildred, Martha, George, Hugh, and Minnie. Lottie married John Little and had 8 children: Alma (Mrs. Charles Rye), Howard, Etta (Mrs. Clarence Smith), Herbert, Hazel, Ilene, John (deceased), and one son who died. (See LITTLE family.)

Mildred Leach married Howard Barber, then later William Mercy. She had Thelma, Ralph, Deloris, and Dale Barber.

Martha Leach married John Thompson (deceased) and they had 5 children: Morrell, Mildred (deceased), Shirley, Cecil (Pete), and Geraldine*. George Leach married Mildred McDowell. Their children were Ivan, Vern, Howard, Dorothy, and Ruby*.

Hugh_ Leach married Marie McLaughlin. They had 8 children: Hattie, Betty, James (deceased), Terry, Janice Irene (deceased), Robert, Phyllis, Gerald (deceased)*.

Minnie Leach married Andrew Smith (deceased) and later married Walter Hasse and now lives in Pickford.

Louiva Amelia Wonnacott married John Roberts. They had 5 children: Maude, John, Frank, Edith, and Glen.

Maude married Alfred Rowan. Their children were Etta, Roy, Lela, Melvin (deceased), Jean, William, Rita, Thelma, Frederick, and Donna*. Etta Rowan* married Wm. P. Campbell and had a stepson, William P. Campbell, and grandchildren, Katrina and William P. Campbell IV. Roy Rowan* (deceased) married Mae Croker and lives in Flint. They have two children, Judith Ann and Jerald** and four grandchildren. Lela Rowan* married Wm. Goehle (deceased) and they had three children, William, Pamela, and Patricia**. Jean Rowan* married Charles Lee of Alpena. He is deceased. Their children are Barbara(deceased), Charles, James, David** and a grandchild, Charles*** William Rowan* married Jean Bagnell and they live in Davison. Their four children are Marsha, Connie, Kathleen, and Mark** Rita Rowan* married Clayton Richards and lives in Pickford. Their children are Beverly, Gary, and Ronald**. Thelma Rowan* married Harold Kirby (deceased). Their children were Hichard, William, Maryann, Rebecca, and John**. Frederick Rowan* married Nyla Schmitt and lives in St. Ignace. They have two children, Timothy and Gregory**. Donna Rowan* married Donald Rye and lives two miles north, one-half west of Pickford. Their children are Bruce, Dennis, Thomas, Sally, and Robert**

John Roberts (1890-1919) married Olive Kencrick (died in 1919). Their children were Opal* (deceased when a young child); Mervin*, who had two sons, Mervin, Jr., and Rodney**; Morrell* married Mabel Kerr and lives in Pickford with their daughter, Linda**; June* who was manied three times (first to Terry Schaffer, second to Glen Arter (deceased) with one son, Douglas**, and third to Melvin Heger). Frank Roberts married Modelle Rye alld lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Edith Roberts married Frederick Hancock (1878-1963). Their children were Hazel, Carlyle, Josephine, Effie, Ruby, Eva, Doris, John, Melba, Della, Stanley, Wilna, and Ethleen*. Hazel* married Harry Nettleton and had four children: Linda, Frederick (deceased), and CharleenÄand Colleen (twins)**. Linda** married George Burick and had four children: Michael, Nancy, Paul, and Windy Sue (deceased)***. Carlyle* married Ellen Evans Wonnacott and had a daughter, Beth** She married John Earl. There were also three stepchildren, Marion, Linda, and David Wonnacott. Josephine Hancock* married John Steele and had six children and 13 grandchildren. Effie Hancock* married William Raynard (deceased) and had one daughter, Arlene**, and two grandsons, David and Edward***, who make their home with her. Ruby Hancock* married Wilbur Earl and had two sons, Bernard and Gordon**. Eva Hancock* married Anthony Hanchera (deceased). Doris Hancock* married Charles McLean (deceased) and they had four children: Shirley, Sharon, Martha, and Debra** John Hancock* married Florence Nevenski. Melba Hancock* married Herbert Little. Della Hancock* married Raymond Fountain. Stanley Hancock* married Shirley Slocum, then Margaret Umphrey (deceased) and had three children. Wilna Hancock* is not married. Ethleen* (Skip) lives in Los Angeles, California.

Glen Roberts married Zella Hoath. They had two children. Ray* married Francene Kaiman and they have three children: Ray, Dick, and Raeshelle**. They live in Rockford, Michigan. Vivian Mae Roberts* married George Johnson and they live in Colorado Springs. Their two boys are Gary and Robert**

Ellen Wonnacott (1871-1943) married Conrad Galer who died in 1933. Their children were Frederick, Annie, Minnie, Kate, Conrad, and Lisabelle.

Richard Wonnacott married Sarah Lord Howell. They had two sons, Charles (deceased) and John T. (deceased, 1921). There were also two stepsons, Percy and Carl Howell.

Susan Wonnacott married David Lord. They had two children, Beatrice and Donald and three grandchildren, Edward, Fay, and Kay Hamilton*.

Nora Wonnacott marrid Edward Steele.They had 7 children, all born in Pickford except for the last two, who were born after they moved to Alberta, Canada.

Minnie Maitland Wonnacott (1881-1956) married William Allen (1866-1947). They had four children, eight grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren. Thorp and Clark are deceased, Clifford is at Barbeau, and Harold at Garden City, Michigan.

Nelson Henry Wonnacott married Jessie Mae Kibble. Their children were as follows: Bertha (Mrs. Howard Rye), Etta (Mrs. Harold Hill), and Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. Clifford Roe), live in the Pickford area. Etta’s children are Carol (Mrs. Robert Pickett), Charles, Nancy, and’ Paula*. Dorothv Ma_ and Helen died in infancy and Everett lived from 1920-1922. Ila Pearl Wonnacott married Jacob Ahola. Their children were Beatrice, Gladys, Mary, John, and Anna*. Beatrice* married Thomas Baker, then Edward Poloczyk. She had Thomas, Patricia, and Charlene Baker** and stepchildren, Edward, Sharon, Harold, John, Richard, Cathy, Joyce, and Leo Poloczyk. Gladys* married J. B. Smith and had one child, Laura** Mary married Oscar Keith and had two sons, John and Gerald**. She then married Russell Williams and had two children, Russell and Kathy** She later married Valentino Cary and had one daughter, Tina**. John* married Patricia Hencheck and their four children are Kenneth, Paul, John, Jr., and Denron**. Ivan Wonnacott is not married, Gerald Wonnacott married Joyce Robinson. They live in Lansing and their children are Thomas, Dorna (deceased), Kenneth, Jerilyn Joyce, and Kathleen*. Beatrice Wonnacott lived from July to August, 1929. Harvey L. Wonnacott married Mildred Tuttle. Their children were Robert, Jeffery, Pamela, Anthony, and Sheila*. Kenneth Wonnacott married Ellen Evans. Their children were Marion, Linda, and David* and they have 7 grandchildren.

William Wonnacott married Hannah Eliza Kibble (deceased). They had two children, Earl and Emily. Earl married Virginia Sawyers. Their children are William, Zandra, Robert, Ricky, Roger (1953-1958)Brenda (1957-1965), and Janis (1961-1968)*. Emily married Harry Hamilton and they have two children, Paula* (Mrs. Daniel Kellan) and Joel Harry*.

After Hannah Eliza’s death, William married Elsie Stewart. Their children are Levi, Merle, Calvin, Darlene, Vernus, and Wayne. Levi married Margaret Gilker, then Gladyas Brophil. He has a stepgrandson, Tracy Lee. Merle married Frederick Sylvester and had three children, Frederick, Terrance, and Daniel*, and 7 grandchildren. She later married Herb Lind, and then George Wilson. Calvin Wonilacqt_t married Maxine Hill and lives five miles north of Pickford. They have two children, Pamela and Lisa*. Darlene Wonnacott married Darell Jarvie of Rudyard. Their children are Wayne, Dareld, Ronald, and Randall*. Vernus Wormacott married Donald J. Kelly and they live in the Soo. Their children are Michael, Christine, Candace, Donald, and Cathy*. Wayne(Micky) married Arleen Nielsen and they have one son.