Hello Linda, There were two McCracken’s Landings. One on Rice Lake in Alnwick Tp. Northumberland county where my McCrackens settled and one on Stoney Lake in Dummer Tp. Peterborough County where your McCrackens settled.
I have gathered a bit of data on your McCrackens over the years, but could not find a connection to mine.
I have your James McCracken in the 1851 census of Dummer Tp. McCracken James age 34 farmer b:Ireland W. Meth.
Sarah 25 Ireland W. Meth
Mary Ann 8 Canada
Susanah 6 Canada
William 1 Canada
James’ parents were William and Susanah McCracken. Susanah is a widow in this 1851 census age 69. William McCracken settled in Dummer Tp. about 1838. I have a bit more on this family but too much to copy here. I could mail it to you if you wish.
I’m curious as to where Huron County comes into the picture. James’ children were obviously born in Dummer Tp. not Huron County. There were a number of McCracken families in Ontario in the 1800s.
If I can help you with any of this information let me know. Thelma Collens of Oakville, Ontario.