Daniel was a bootmaker. They had 7 sons and 2 daughters. Daniel wrote in French, a family record book from 1720 – 1739. The immigrants must have preserved their own language and associated with their people.
Daniel moved to New Rochelle between 1724 1726. In 1736 he was a resident of Bedford. In 1739 he lived in the western part of Westchester County. He lived there for 30 years or more. In those days the upper end of Manhatten Island was on the frontier. Westchester was a backwood district. In moving to Westchester Cty. as he did, Daniel was pushing out into new country, jast as his descendents did two generations later when they moved west to Ohio, Illinois, Mich. and Wisc.
Daniel’s final location was in Philipses Precinct, Duchess Cty. The old family homestead was at or near the Old Highland Church. It is about 4 miles North of Cold Spring.