Statue of Chief Menominee located

at the the headwaters of the Yellow River


This transcript of the Mary Curtis Dissertation for the ORDER DETERMINING HEIRS transcript confirms that Joseph Dakota is really of the Iron River Chippewa’s, which is where we find his father Jerome Dakota living at the time of Jerome’s death, and census records also support this.    Jerome Dakota is a well documented MENOMINEE Inidan and a Civil War veteran and we have a photo of him uploaded to this site.  Also Joseph Dakota is not listed on the Keweenaw Allotments, though there is a Joseph Dakota Jr. listed, it is not this Joseph.


Menominee Joe and Jerome Dakota

Iron Mountain 1896


Chief Menominee and his band were forced to live out west by the government, leaving just a small number of Menominee in the area.  The Menominee were Pottawatomie , not Chippewa.   This all means that we may see them listed on the Pottawatomie rolls as well!!!


Memorial for the Menominee Indians

forced to leave the Iron River and Menominee



Chief Menominee was widely considered the Primary Chief of the Pottawatomie’s of Northern Wisconsin and the Western Upper Peninsula and all tribes that were considered part of his bands were referred to as Menominee or the Menominee Bands/Tribes of Pottawatomie Indians.


So what is so different about the Menominee Indians, that the government forced Chief Menominee and his Bands to move out west?   Chief Menominee would not sign the treaty, giving up the lands in order for Michigan to become a state.  While the Chippewa had pretty much all agreed to sign the treaties, many of the Pottawatomie took a stand against the U.S. government under Chief Menominee.


The government sold Chief Menominee’s lands anyway, then forced all of these Pottawatomie tribes out west.  This is why there are so few Pottawatomie around today in Michigan or Wisconsin.


Chief Oshkosh


Chief Oshkosh of the Menominee of Wisconsin, on the other hand, sold his lands to the U.S. government and was suppose to move west along with Chief Menominee, he then complained about it later and was able to keep some land in northeast wisconsin near the Michigan border.



Chief Tecumseh


Also Chief Menominee fought side by side with the great Chief Tecumseh who literally became the Chief of a combined coalition of Tribes in Canada and the U.S. and using the British won many battles against the U.S. in Tecumseh’s War and the war of 1812. I can post more about him later. In short, Chief Tecumseh almost beat the United States and the White Settlers, but he could not get the Chippewas of Michigan to support him and his Coalition of the Pottawatomie of Michigan and many of the Iroquois tribes of the North Easter U.S. and Canada.


My children are part Pottawatomie, since my ex-wife, is half Pottawatomie/half chippewa and her family coincidentally is from the Marinette Wisconsin/Menominee Michigan where all of their 1st cousins live today (and there are quite a few of them).