The “So Called” Confession

see my notes at the end


Provided By: Ina Wireman

Transcribed By: Joe Morrow


I, Mrs. Elizabeth Ziolkowski, hereby make this statement of my own free will, no threats nor promises of leniency having been made to me by no one. I have been advised of my constitutional rights and know anything I say may be used in court as evidence against me.


On or about the fifteenth of August, 1932 my husband, John Ziolkowski, and I took our car and drove to Fairport, Michigan intending to visit there for a week. My husband had been sick for about two weeks with stomach trouble. His condition became worse on the road down and did not improve so we stayed in Fairport only two days.


There was some Arsenate of lead in the paper bag on a shelf in our shed adjacent to our kitchen. This poison was in a grayish paper bag of one pound size.


Upon our return from Freeport or Fairport, John, my husband’s condition did not improve at all and the pains in his stomach seemed to become worse. The second day after our return around noon. John asked me if I would get some of the Arsenate of Lead on the shelf in the shed and mix a drink for him. He said it helped his stomach and seemed to ease the pains in his stomach. I then said, “Why, John, have you been drinking that stuff.” but he did not answer. I then asked him how it tasted and he said it was tasteless.


To please my husband and to help ease his pains I went into the shed and got some Aresenate of Lead, about as much as can be laid on a dime, mixed it in a glass of water and handed it to him. the poison made the water a milky color. After I gave this to John, he drank it. This was shortly before noon and it seemed to make him feel better. He said he did not have any pains in his stomach and he got up and ate dinner with me. John seemed to feel better the remainder of the day but he did not eat a very large supper. John forbid me to tell this to anyone and he even refused me to get him to a doctor.


I used to see a glass on the warming oven in the mornings when I got up but he used to back soda and the white substance always present in the bottom and sides I thought was soda. After I prepare the Aresenate of Lead drink for him I knew he was using this glass too make the poison potions. I used to see this glass on the warming oven every morning with the white precipitate on the bottom and sides up till within a few days before he died.


About two days later, after giving him the first poison mixture he called me to his bed and asked me to give him another dose of Arsenate of Lead because the pains in his stomach were becoming quite severe. I prepared him another dose of Arsenate of Lead, about as much as can be put on a dime, mixed it in water and brought it to his bedroom. He drank this and seemed to feel better and began to eat again. John kept telling me not to dare tell this to anyone. I loved John and did this to please him. I am quite sure John took doses of this poison unaware to me and in larger quantities than I was giving him. I did not think, and still feel I did not give him enough to hurt him.


On the first of September shortly before dinner, the Thursday before he died, I fixed him another dose because he said his pains were becoming severe again. He said, and it was very noticeable, that these doses would make him feel better and more cheerful and eliminate those severe stomach pains.


The following morning, Friday, I got up earlier than usual and as I went into the kitchen I saw John, my husband, standing beside the kitchen stove with the bag of Arsenate of Lead beside him. I watched and saw him pour nearly a teaspoonful of the Aresenate of Lead into a glass of water. stir it up some and then drink it. I then said to John he was taking too much of that stuff. whereupon he threw the bag of poison into the stove and said they won’t be tormenting him so much then. From now on he started getting worse and continued sinking until he died on Sunday.


Upon my suggestion we got the Priest but John would not confess taking the poison.



<There is no signature>



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Joe’s Notes

  1. There is NO counsel mentioned or present is “so-called” confession.
  2. Elizabeth never ever claims to know what the stuff is, let alone calling it “Aresenate of Lead” as she talks about it later in life.
  3. Elizabeth Clark could not read or write.
  4. Fred Enius would testify under oath, that Elizabeth read and signed this document. But the Original copy of this document is kept with the State Police in Lansing, and there is NO SIGNATURE on it…
  5. The document that I uploaded is a copy of the original…NO Signature!!!
  6. Fred Enius lied under oath about that about the signature.
  7. The document isn’t even signed by Fred Enius, the one that typed up the confession.
  8. Furthermore Elizabeth Clark claims to never knew such a document of confession existed until it was presented at the sentencing hearing as Exhibit 1… (I am sure she knew about it then)
  9. Elizabeth also states consistently, the rest of her life, that John was using it, the stuff to treat his sores externally….NOT DRINKING IT!!!
  10. Elizabeth claims that John Ziolkowski had a social disease, I am assuming Syphilis, because he had sores on his stomach according to Elizabeth Clark. “ON HIS STOMACH”, NOT INTERNAL STOMACH PAINS as this so called confession states.
  11. The Syphilis, or social disease is mentioned in the hearingsl, but is never mentioned in witness testimony anywhere else!
  12. Elizabeth believes that the poison somehow got into John Ziolkowski’s system, even though he was taking it externally.
  13. Arsenac of LEAD is Arsenic, and is very very toxic to humans.
  14. Arsenic when taken externally, over time, will permeate into the blood and which will lead to death.
  15. There is another Sheriff Deputy that gives a statement under oath that he was also present to hear Elizabeth’s so called confession, yet mysteriously, there are no other names listed on the document.
  16. The document isn’t even signed by Fred Enius, the one the typed up the confession.
  17. And the best part, Elizabeth Clark was French Canadian, and of the English that she did know, she did not, nor would not have been use to the words used in the document, let alone understand much of the legal mumbo jumbo of the courts of the day. She was uneducated and French was her primary language and the language of the household of the Morrow’s.
  18. I do believe she spoke to Fred Enius about what she did know, but that he twisted it around and came up with that document, which I am confident that he never showed her or read to her, let alone getting her to sign it. What would be the purpose of someone signing a document if they can’t read or write anyway?