• The Sentencing of Elizabeth Clark

    DeHoCo – Detroit House of Corrections

    Pictured Sewing Room, undated


    On January 10th,1933 Elizabeth Clark is sentenced.

    Her primary language at the time was French, she probably only understood some

    of what was said to her. A Guilty Plea is entered for Elizabeth Clark in the morning of January 10th, that afternoon, there was some witness testimony and then the sentenced was handed down from the Judge that very afternoon. Elizabeth Clark nor her Lawyer ever said in any clear way that she was Guilty of anything. That post is coming next! And now for the Sentence.



    Judge Stone:

    The Respondent in this case, Elizabeth Ziolkowski, has plead guilty of the crime of murder, as charged in the information filed in this case. The Court, after her plea, and after an examination privately, was satisfied that her plea was made freely and voluntarily, and that the Court has proceeded by examination of witnesses to determine the degree of the crime. From the proofs taken, it appears and the Court is satisfied, that the death of John Ziolkowski was caused by poison, administered by the Respondent, Elizabeth Ziolkwski, she knowing that what she administered was poison, and she administered the poison with intent to kill. the Court therefore finds the Respondent is guilty of the crime of murder, perpetuated by means of poison, and finds her Guilty of Murder in the First Degree.


    Mrs. Ziolkowski, You plead guilty to the crime of murder and the Court has determined that you are guilty of murder of the first degree. the statute provides that any murder perpetuated by the means of poison is first degree. The only penalty fixed, is imprisonment for life, in solitary confinement, at hard labor in a State Prison. The only Prison in this State provided for the imprisonment of women, is the Detroit House of Corrections. The Court, therefore, orders and sentences you to be imprisoned for the term of your life, in the Detroit House of Corrections, in solitary confinement, at hard laber.