• Elizabeth Clark Morrow – By Ina Wireman


    I don’t know how many of you know about Elizabeth Clark Morrow, your great grandmother and for some of you she is your great great grandmother, But she was accused of Killing her 3rd Husband John Ziolkowski, and was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison. She was 60 years old when she went in. At the time, she was a french speaking Native Canadian from Garden River, though she probably did understand enough English to get by.


    Shke-Sahkehjewaosa Community Centre, Garden River First Nation, Ontario.

    Source: Wikipedia


    The Garden River First Nation Website is located at:http://www.gardenriver.org/


    I was one of the blessed ones I got to meet her, she lived near to us when she got out of prison, From newspaper articles I have read she was a model prisoner and was even voted woman of the year in the prison she resided at, She was a seamstress, and I can remember my mother telling me how beautiful she sewed, I just wish I could have been older when we first got to meet, some of my memories have kinda gotten faded over the past 50 years from being so young at the time. from some research Joe did on the Detroit House of Correction also known as De HO CO she could have probably walked away at anytime, But instead from the court records she stayed and fought her conviction.


    John Swainson, Governor of Michigan early 1960′s



    Finally Governor Swainson changed her sentences from Life to 99 years, and she was eligible for parole and got it with time served for good behavior, But this still did not clear her name, and someday before I die I would like to see her named cleared, from what I can read, everyone seemed to like her except for the Judge and Lawyers.


    I’m sure Joe will post more on this after he gets the court records to go over.


    Ina Wireman