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  1. Annie Maud Rowse

July 10, 1939

Pickford. Pioneer Taken By
Death at Age of 87.
Mrs. Hannah Grose Rowse, 87, a
<| pioneer Pickford resident for 56
years, died at 10:15 p. m. Saturday.
July S, 1939, at her home at Pickford,
of complications following an
illness of 3U months.

Mrs. Rowse was born at New
Cornwall, England, July 6, 1852. She
was married to John Rowse in England
and subsequently moved with
her husband to Canada and then to
Pickford. Her husband, preceded
her in death by two years.

Surviving Mrs. Rowse are the fol-
lowing children: Mary G. Rowse,
* Mrs. Ashton Roe (Annie); Mrs. I.
MacDonald (Mac); A. G. Rowse of
the SauH: Warden Rowse of the
Sault; and Mrs. L. Warner (Etta)
of Pontiac. Eleven grandchildren
and seven great-grand children also

Mrs. Rowse was a member of the
Episcopal church.

Funeral services will he held
Tuesday, July 11, at 1:30 p. m. at
the home at Pickford and at the
Methodist church at Pickford at 2
I ^4′O’clock, the Rev. William Combellack
officiating. Burial will be in
Bethel cemetery. Pallbearers will
be Daniel Batho, William Peffers,
James Batho, William Roe. W. A
MacDonald and Austin Wynn.