HL7SegmentManager allows you to treat raw hl7 formatted messages much like XML by using XPath expressions. The Primary Difference is the hiearchy of the hl7 message segments is determined by the XPath expression. This allows more freedom with manipulating hl7 segments.

       Move <xpath_source> <xpath_dest>                                                     
               Move All Segments matching XPath_Source to AFTER the location(s)             
               specified in XPath_Dest                                                      
       Show <xpath> <options>                                                               
               Show all Segments matching the XPath Expression, Great for Debugging and     
               testing various options.                                                     
       Delete <xpath> <options>                                                             
       Renum <xpath>                                                                        
               Renumber Repeating Segments                                                  
       Rename <xpath> <new segmentid>                                                       
       Insert <xpath> <newsegment>   ex insert "/orc" "NTE|0|O|This is a note"              
       Logtrace  on/off                                                                     
              Enables/Disables Log Tracing                                                  
       BasePath <xpath>                                                                     
              Sets a Global default Root for all commands until BasePath is set again       
              This insures that changes are only made to Segments matching BasePath          
               Examples using BasePath                                                      
               Logtrace on;BasePath /orc;Show obr                                           
               Logtrace on;BasePath /orc;Show obr;BasePath /orc/obr;Show obx                
               Logtrace on;BasePath /orc/;Show /orc                                         
        SetNumber  <n>                                                                      
              Sets a Global default Set Number for all commands until SetNumber is issued   
              again.   A valid BasePath is a prerequisite for SetNumber.                     
              If BasePath is set, forces actions on only set <n>,                           
   XPath Expressions:                                                                       
     Matches Segments very similar to how XPath works with XML                              
     from xsl/xpath where the xpath will match on all,                                      
     Sample XPath's                                                                         
         /ORC       Locates All ORC Segments                                                
         /ORC/OBR   Locates All OBR Segments                                                
         /ORC[2]/OBR[1]/[NTE[2]   Locate this specific Note Segment.                        
         /ORC/OBR/NTE[2]         Locates this NTE Segment on all ORC/OBR Segment matches    
 1. HL7SegmentManager user the State Route Properties defined by HL7_SEGMENT_MANAGER<n>     
    Where n is any number between 1 and 40 inclusive.  Commands and Arguments can be        
    Seperated by Semicolons, placed into sepearate HL7_SEGMENT_MANAGER<n> proprty values    
    or a combination.                                                                       
 2. Use logtrace  on for a detailed trace of events.                                         
 3. To Turn off BasePath Processing, Simply issue BasePath with nothing after it:            
          logtrace on;BasePath /orc;show /orc/obr;BasePath;show ]orc                         
 4. When logtrace is on, the the BasePath Map is shown when BasePath is Set.                
 5. XPath Expressions are built by appending the XPath Expression to the BasePath.          
    Once a BasePath is set, you can still access the BasePath Expression directly by        
    specifying the full path qualifying expression.  As long as the XPath Expression        
     matches the BasePath Expression or is a child element of the BasePath Expression.      
          Correct:    BasePath /orc;Show /orc;Show/orc/obr;Show obx;/Show /orc/obx/nte      
          InCorrect:  BasePath /orc;Show msh;show pid;show orc;                                
 6. Move will create a temporary BasePath from the common XPath_Source and XPath_Dest        
    expressions.  If a BasePath is already supplied, BasePath will be used.                 
  Undocumented Options for testing methods only.  Use HL7FORMAT.                            
       Get <xpath-fieldid>                                                                  
               Retrieve a single value. The combination of BasePath, SetCount and            
               the XPath Expression must be VERY specific otherwise an Error Message.       
               is triggered. Get is Mainly used for debugging.                              
               Examples using Geth                                                          
                  Get MSH-10       Retrieve Messsage Controlid                              
                  Get PID-3        Retrieve value of PID-3                                  
                  Get /ORC/OBR-2   Retreive the Placer Order Number                         
       Set <path-fieldid> <value>                                                           
              Will Set all values matching XPath, BasePath(if set) and SetNumber(if set)    
              Examples using Set:                                                           
                  Set MSH-10 1234567         - Sets ControlId to 1234567                    
                  Set PID-3  55555^TST       - Sets PID 3 to 55555TST                       
                  Set /ORC/OBR[1]-2 2000     - Sets the OBR[1] Order Number to 2000          



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