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  1. Ina Frances Burnem

I was on the internet one day and came across a site Called Access Genealogy, and the subject was Chippewa Indian History,and as I knew there was Indian in my family I thought ok I’ll check this out. And it had and advertisement for search for your ancestors,so I popped in a family name,that took me to, I decided it won’t hurt to take their 14 day free trial offer.And that is how I meet Joe Morrow.On ancestry if they have information that links to,or close to the person you are researching it makes a green leaf by their name, you click on it and it takes you to others who have that person in their family tree and to all records that can be found on that person.I contacted Joe, and he has our corresponding email posted on this site. so no point into going into all that at this time. The moral to this story is we have family out there that we don’t know, Joe and I didn’t know each other excised until we meet through the internet, and found out we are second cousins and share the same grandparents. Through Joe I met Cindy Leutz, and both have helped me out tremendously on my endeavor to search out my family history. Thank you both >:D<, that is code for a hug, you both deserve it.