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  1. Joseph Lee Allen Morrow

A Preview

November 6th, 2010


You may have noticed a major makeover to the Morrow Family Tree Website.  Stay Tuned, because there is a lot more coming. 

I have been hard at work developing our own Morrow Family Tree website.  The work is being done on a Linux Server, using the PHP web server scripting language and the MySQL database.  I have developed the family tree database from scratch, and have been integrating it with the WordPress Blog Platform.   The WordPress Blog Platform is an intuitive easy to use blog implementation that works well with Windows Live Writer.  Windows Liver Writer is free and can be downloaded at the following location:

There is much work to be done, both in the development of the website and the loading of content.   I will soon enable login capability to the database portion of the website.  Ina Wireman, my second cousin currently has access to the Blog portion of the website.   I still have some work to do to make the rest of the site available for Login.  The work can be broken down into the following categories:

1. Development of the Family Tree Database (almost complete)

2. Administration of the Blog (work in process)

3. Implementation of the User Administration Screens..(almost there!!!) see below.

4. Incorporate features for user access,  Activity/Error database logs, User  and user options tables etc.  To begin soon.

5. Add and attach Content and Media to Individuals in the Tree

6. Incorporate the Facebook Platform application (Future)

7. Roll out to (Future).

Below is a copy of the critical screens that will be used to “Integrate” my family tree database with WordPress.   Bascially everything in wordpress can be Categories and tagged or Attached to individuals in the familytree.  Then as you an see by navigating around the site, all of the content related to an individual is listed with them on the media link for that individual.  Also, you can see Media content for related family members. 

The first web page that you see below looks a lot like general user pages, with some exceptions that allow you to control and sort the Posts….and even edit them.



Quick Edit is my own special implementation, that will allow you to make quick changes to a Post on the fly, without going back to Windows Live Writer or to the WordPress Dashboard to make the change.   This allows you to ‘cruise’ through a list of posts rather quickly while making needed changes to the posts “on the fly”.


And finally, this last screen is what I was going for.  It allows you to Search for and “attach” Posts to individuals.   There is tons of code in place behind the scenes to make this happen..javascript, php, mysql and even plugins I have developed for wordpress.



Please take a look at the website when you get a chance, I am open for input and awesome ideas!!!!

Joe Morrow