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Indian camp on Flambeau reservation, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views

The Lac Du Flambeau Band is one of the original “Lake Superior” Bands of Chippewa Indians, it is comprised of several other bands in northern Wisconsin. Our connection with the Lac Du Flambeau tribe begins with  both Andre and his brother Benjamin are living and working near the Lac Du Flambeau in an area near the Chippewa River in Northern Wisconsin. According to records Andre Morin and Marianne Naanwandago,a native Lac Du Flambeau Indian, 

gave birth to their daughter Isabelle Morin in 1827 in the Lac Du Flambeau area. Andre attempted to enroll his daughter on Mackinac in 1839 as a mixed blood for annual annuities, but was initially rejected, because she was a descendant of the Lac Du Flambeau tribe. Isabella is later accepted for annuities by the 1860′s as a member of the Mackinac band of Chippewa Indians.

By 1792, the North West Company had an established post operating in Lac Du Flambeau. In 1796, a new competitor known as the X Y Company challenged the North West Company’s monopoly in the Great Lakes. Until 1805-6, the X Y Company and North West Company operated in Lac Du Flambeau, then they merged. By 1816, the American Fur Company took over the North West Company’s interests in Lac Du Flambeau, signifying United States citizen’s first control and contact with the Lac Du Flambeau District and fur trade.

Sources: Thomas Mackie “Ancestors of Marie-Louise(Lizette) (Choret)Chaurette” More on this source  at “Our Family Geaology

The North West Fur Company established a post in the Lac Du Flambeau area and merged with the X Y Company in 1804. Andre Morin and Francis Benjamin Morin both registered as fur traders sometime after 1807. As Fur Trading moved westward in the 1820′s, Andre and Francis would sure have followed and appear in the Lac Du Flambeau area in the 1820′s. Fur trading dried up in Lac Du Flambeau by 1835 as we see Andre Morin taking up more of a permanent residence on Bois Blanc and is listed himself as a fisherman in 1840 census records.

Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

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You can read more about the history of Lac Du Flambeau from their Chamber of Commerce website: and from the Lac Du Flambeau Tribal website:

Indian camp on Flambeau reservation, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views.jpg Source Wikipedia.