I know Ina has been looking into the Elizabeth Boisseneau Clark maternal line, I have come across this website http://www.bussineau.com/eindex.htm which contains some Boissonneaux/Bussineau/Boissonault/Boissineau Family lines that we tie into. Here is our tie:

Joseph Charles 6 children with Margaret Catherine Guilmond were:

  1. Joseph born June 6 1822, married Marie Boyer (widow Ross). the first-born. He had 12 children.
  2. Narcisse born March 22 1824, married Mary Cromaty. He had 11 children.
    1. Joseph Boissineau
    2. Narcisse Boissineau
    3. Marguerite Boissineau
    4. Magdalene Madeline Boissoneau Busnow married three times, Samual Wilcox, Samual Wilson (could be the same) and Michael Clark
    5. Elizabeth D Clark married three times: Oliver Morrow, John Boston, John Ziolkowski. Descendants of Oliver Morrow and Elizabeth Clark::
    6. Joseph Clark
    7. Michael Clark
    8. Margaret Clark
    9. Lerais Clark
    10. Alexander Clark
    11. John Clark
    12. Matilda Clark
  3. William Boissineau
  4. Margaret Boissineau
  5. Marie Boissineau
  6. Francois Boissineau
  7. Theresa Boissineau
  8. Antoine Boissineau
  9. Elizabeth Boissineau
  • Magloire born January 26, 1826, married Angelique Souliere. He had 7 children. Magloire is my great great great grandfather. He was a carpenter, fisherman, and voyageur. He worked for the
  • American Fur Company as did his father Francois born around 1830, married three times : Catherine Lavallee (no children), Charlotte Larose (4 children), and Mary Corbiere (13 children).
  • Theophile born 1836, married Mary Anne Nankitchikamikwe, 2nd wife Mary Monsomane (LaFond). Had 13 children.
  • Emerie or Emeric born 1837, married twice : Angelique Biron (4 children) andAngelique Bellevalle (8 children). Children with the second wife have moved to British Columbia.