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    Here are the (Best) Instructions I think for Publishing to WordPress.

    1. Register yourself as a new user, you can pick any userid you want..I doubt that its taken. Enter your email address and a password will be generated and emailed to you.
    2. Copy the generated password to your clipboard and sign in with the userid that you choose. Paste the password into the password field.
    3. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the DASHBOARD This is where you will be able to administer your own posts. Change your password immediately to something more memorable.
    4. The DASHBOARD is not the best environment for composing posts. The best way to compose posts is to use Windows Live Writer It may already be installed on your computer (especially if you have Windows Live Messenger or another Windows Live component installed). Check it out: on your local PC, go to START, PROGRAMS, WINDOWS LIVE, WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. If its not there then you will need to download it
    5. When you download, install and start Windows Live Writer for the first time you will be asked to select your Blog Service
    6.  windowsliveservice  
      Select Other, WordPress is the Blog Service that is installed on the website. Next you will be asked to enter your Blog account information:

      windowsliveaccount Enter the web address of you blog. Enter your username and password. That’s it.!!!! 
    1. Windows Live Writer will connect to and now you write a Blog/Post from your local PC. You can easily insert multimedia and copy/past text into your Posts. You will be able to save local drafts of your work, open existing documents that have already been posted for updating or deleting etc. Once you click Publish the content will be posted.