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  1. Sally Poole

This is Sarah Poole, born in 1801 in Coan Toanlands, which is located in the Parish of Dysart, Barony of Fassadinin in the County of Kilkenny Ireland. She married Thomas Roe in 1820 in Coan Townlands. Thomas Roe’s younger brother John Roe married Sara Poole’s younger sister Eliza Poole in 1829 in Coan Townlands. … In 1834 Thomas and Sarah emmigrated to Montague Township, Lanark County Ontario. John and Eliza emmigrated in 1851 with their 8 children to join Thomas and Sarah after the death of Thomas Poole, the father of both Sarah and Eliza.
John and Eliza Roe moved to Howick Township, Huron County Ontario around 1860. Sam Roe, one of their children married Marie Wynn and Homestead with their family in Pickford Michigan. Their son Ashton Roie, married Annie Maude Rowse and they had one child Samual Clifford Roe who married Anna Wonnacott. Their Daughter Fern Roe married Henry Joseph Morrow (Snooks)…then a most wonderful thing happened….

I was born!

And that is who Sarah Poole is (my g4 aunt)
Thanks Toni, for the picture!!!


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