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  1. Joseph Lee Allen Morrow


I went back to the Marriage record or rather the
remarriage of Charles Beaubien & Therese. I did have one
thing wrong. It does say they were married previously
in a civil ceremony by a magistrate on Dec. 24, 1822.
That was the date I gave you from the J.P. records of the
Probate Court of Mackinac County. Then remarried at
Ste. Anne’s 8, Aug. 1823.

These given as legitimate children–All Birth dates (Ne)
Amable Jan. 22, 1814–Louise-June 15, (quinze) 1818
Lucie-March 7, 1819–Marie March 20, 1820 & of course
Charles was bpt. at Ste. Anne’s in 1824.

Joseph Labelle was married to Lizette Beaubien July 14,
1835 at Mackinac County by a J.P. Evidently this was
Louise born June 15, 1818. Why she gave her name as
Lizette I don’t know but it has to be Louise.

In the 1860 Census of Mackinac–Andrew Moran–68–wife Mary
27-Indian–Eliza 3-B. MI–William 1 month B. MI.
Andrew was a Fisherman. This was Marie Louise daughter
of Louis Beaubien. She would be 28 in August as she was
born in August of 1832.

I did all the Caron family a long time ago for two different
people. Each descended from a different brother.