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This post is a little out of date, since this posting I have discovered that Mary Corron is really the daughter of Mary Ann Kelewanabe….and a step daughter of Joseph Caron.


Joe Morrow



In the 1850 Census,  Charles Beaubien is living with George Lasley who is married to his daughter Mary Lasley (Mary Beaubien b. 1821).   Next Door is his is daughter Mary L Labelle (Marie Louise Beaubien b. 1817) and her children from her marriage to Joseph Labelle.  From the Census records of 1850, it is unclear where in Mackinac County this is located.  

Andrew Morin is shown living in Holmes and later on Bois Blanc.  In 1854, when Andrew Morin marries Mary Louis Beaubien (formerly Mrs. Joseph Labelle.  She would have had at least 6 year old Joseph Labelle and a 10 year old Charles Labelle, and possibly 15 year old Therese Labelle living with her and Andrew Morin after their marriage.   Something happens to Celina Labelle since she is not in the 1860 census.     By 1860 Andrew is now with Mary Corron, at least the age on the census records indicate a Mary that is 27 years old (b. abt 1835).  This is not Marie Louis Beaubien.   And in the 1860 Census Therese, Charles and Joseph Labelle and living with their grandfather Charles Beaubien in Moran Township.   Mary Louise Beaubien Labelle Morin is nowhere to be found….So I assume something happens with her and Celina sometime between 1854 and 1860.     Eliza and William Morin are born during this time.  By 1860, Andrew Morin is with and at some point marries Mary Caron and they live happily ever after on Bois Blanc Island and then later Cheboygan.

Based on my research there are only two possible scenerios.

1. Andre Morin marries Marie Louis Beaubien Labelle and something happens to her and he then ends up with her daughter Mary Corron.

2. Mary Louise Beaubien is really Mary Louise Corron, the  illigitimate daughter of Marie Louise Beaubien and perhaps Louis Caron. and therefore could use her mothers maiden name (Beaubien) or her biological fathers name (Caron).   This does not explain what happens to her mother Mary Louise Beaubien Labelle….but it also works and explains everything else nicely.

At this point, I am convinced that Marie Caron is Marie Louise Beaubiens daughter.  She is listed as Mary Labelle in the 1850 census and is living with her mother Mary L Labelle.  Furthermore I am convinced that she is the one that Andrew ultimately ends up with, in either scenerio listed above.     

The Labelles and Laselys lived in Moran Township, which is located in the U.P. and was considered Wisconsin in those days until Michigan acuqired it by giving Toledo to Ohio.  And Mary Caron, later lists Wisconsin as her birth place.

For now, I have built the tree so that all of the children of Andrew Morin belong also to Marie Caron.   I have left the marriage to Marie Lousie Beaubien in tact and seperate….and she is attached is the mother Mary Caron.  Until we can find more information to show otherwise.