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Record of Marriage for Mary Morrow and Victor Gedd

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:15

Attached To: Mary MoranVic GeddertGroom’s Name: Vick H. Geddert Groom’s Race: Groom’s Age: 21 years Groom’s Birth Date: 1886 Groom’s Birthplace: Rogers City, Presque Isle, [...]

Marriage Record Edward Davis and Maggie Morrow

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:15

Attached To: Maggie DavisGroom’s Name: Ned Davis Groom’s Race: Groom’s Age: 29 years Groom’s Birth Date: 1878 Groom’s Birthplace: Canada Bride’s Name: Maggie Morrow Bride’s [...]

Beaubien family by James P. Lalone

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:14

Attached To: Joseph Lee Allen MorrowUpdate by Joe Morrow I have researched this and it appears that Louis Bennet Beaubien Jr. was born around 1801, [...]

Notes from Darlene, Genealogy Society of Cheboygan

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:09

Attached To: Joseph Lee Allen MorrowJoe: I went back to the Marriage record or rather the remarriage of Charles Beaubien & Therese. I did have [...]

Charles Champine and Angeline Morrow Marriage Reco

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:07

Attached To: Angeline MorrowGroom’s Name:Charles Champine Groom’s Birth Date:1874 Groom’s Birthplace:Michigan Groom’s Age:37 Bride’s Name:Angeline Morrow Bride’s Birth Date:1884 Bride’s Birthplace:Cheboygan Bride’s Age:27 Marriage Date:19 [...]

Henry Demar and Angeline Morrow Marriage Record

By: admin |
October 28 2010 4:06

Attached To: Angeline MorrowGroom’s Name:Henry Demar Groom’s Race: Groom’s Age:37 years Groom’s Birth Date:1865 Groom’s Birth place:New York Bride’s Name:Angeline Morrow Bride’s Race: Bride’s Age:28 [...]

Marriage Record for William Cox and Jane Dumas

By: admin |
October 28 2010 3:54

Attached To: William CoxGroom’s Name William Cox Groom’s Birth Date 1863 Groom’s Birthplace Portage, Ohio Groom’s Age 25 Bride’s Name Jane Dumas Bride’s Birth Date [...]

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Marriage of Joseph Demera And Elizabeth Duman

By: admin |
October 28 2010 3:54

Attached To: Joseph DemeraGroom’s Name Joseph Demera Groom’s Birth Date 1863 Groom’s Birthplace N. Y. Groom’s Age 28 Bride’s Name Elizabeth Dewmon Bride’s Birth Date [...]

Marriage of Henry Demera and Angeline Morrow

By: admin |
October 28 2010 3:53

Attached To: Angeline MorrowGroom’s Name Henry Demar Groom’s Birth Date 1865 Groom’s Birthplace New York Groom’s Age 37 Bride’s Name Angeline Morrow Bride’s Birth Date [...]

Freda A Geddert and Samual White Marriage Record

By: admin |
October 28 2010 3:45

Attached To: Fredia A GeddertGroom’s Name Samuel A. White Groom’s Birth Date 1884 Groom’s Birthplace St. James Island Groom’s Age 23 Bride’s Name Fredia Geddert [...]