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    1711XDemonow,1th cousin, 2 times removed.17MMackinac
    1712XDemonow,1th cousin, 2 times removed.10FMackinac
    29-131725XDumas, Joe1th cousin, 3 times removed.42MMackinacPellston
    1726XDumas, Frank1th cousin, 3 times removed.32MMackinac
    7-131736XDerry, Mary2th cousin, 1 times removed.35FMackinacCheboygannee Carrow, husband white
    1737XDerry, Herbert3th cousin18MMackinac
    1738XDerry, Cora3th cousin14FMackinac
    1739XDerry, George3th cousin13MMackinac
    1740XDerry, Tom3th cousin10MMackinac
    1741XDerry, Russell3th cousin8MMackinac
    1742XDerry, Cal.3th cousin6MMackinac
    1743XDerry, Isabelle3th cousin4FMackinac
    29-131779XDumas, Louis1th cousin, 2 times removed.41MMackinacDrummond's Island
    1780XDumas, Eliza2th cousin, 1 times removed.11FMackinac
    1781XDumas, William2th cousin, 1 times removed.9MMackinac
    1782XDumas, Lizzie2th cousin, 1 times removed.7FMackinac
    3-132235XGillard, MaryGreat Aunt18FMackinacCheboygannee Moran
    10-132476Hudson, Napoleon1th cousin, 4 times removed.54MMackinacCheboyganwife white
    2482XHudson, Jessie9FMackinac
    2483XHudson, Tom5MMackinac
    10-132484Hudson, James1th cousin, 4 times removed.54MMackinacCheboygan
    17-172549XHipkins, Mary1th cousin, 3 times removed.38FMackinacCheboygannee Carrow, husband white
    2550XHipkins, Ed2th cousin, 2 times removed.18MMackinac
    2551XHipkins, Nettie2th cousin, 2 times removed.16FMackinac
    2552XHipkins, Fred2th cousin, 2 times removed.15MMackinac
    2553XHipkins, Reuben2th cousin, 2 times removed.13MMackinac
    2454XHipkins, Mary2th cousin, 2 times removed.11FMackinac
    2555XHipkins, David2th cousin, 2 times removed.9MMackinac
    7-132778Jarvie, Jane1th cousin, 2 times removed.39FMackinacCheboygannee Carrow, husband white, child born too late for Roll
    2779XJarvie, Lizzie2th cousin, 1 times removed.18FMackinac
    2780XJarvie, Eva2th cousin, 1 times removed.13FMackinac
    2781XJarvie, Bernie10FMackinac
    2782XJarvie, William2th cousin, 1 times removed.4MMackinac
    27-112977Kniffen, Samuel44MMackinacMackinaw City
    19-132978Kniffen, Annie40FMackinacMackinaw Citynee Duffina
    2979XKniffen, Sampson22MMackinac
    2980XKniffen, Rosie19FMackinac
    2981XKniffen, Edith9FMackinac
    19-132993Kniffen, Mrs. David88FMackinacMackinaw City
    2994Kniffen, Marie46FMackinac
    2995Kniffen, James36MMackinac
    19-132996Kniffen, Charles42MMackinacMackinaw City
    2-172997XKniffen, Maggie (Andrews)22FMackinacnee Andrews
    17-173576XLaduke, Rosie1th cousin, 3 times removed.28FMackinacCheboygannee Carrow, husband white
    3578XLaduke, Rena2th cousin, 2 times removed.7FMackinac
    3579XLaduke, Elmer2th cousin, 2 times removed.4MMackinac
    3580XLaduke, Clyde2th cousin, 2 times removed.2MMackinac
    3-133937Moreau, OliverGreat Grand Father44MMackinacCheboyganwife white
    3938XMoreau, RosieGreat Aunt16FMackinac
    3939XMoreau, GeorgeGreat Uncle12MMackinac
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