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    1908 Durant Roll - Mackinac











    27-13684Bebineau, Antoine55MMackinacSt. Ignace
    685XBebineau, Charlesadopted son of Antoine Bebineau[684]15MMackinacBayfield, Wis.Mother Marcelene Champaign Gulliver, near Manistique, belongs to tribe by blood Auth. of Chief and headmen #102453
    20-13686Bourassaw, Frank55MMackinacMackinaw Island
    30-13692XBiddle, Sophia56FMackinacSault Ste. Mariesingle
    51-14693XBourissaw, L. C.50MMackinacLight House, Fox Island, Northwife white
    694XBourissaw, Williamson of L.C. Bourissaw [693]25MMackinac
    695XBourissaw, Jamesson of L.C. Bourissaw [693]18MMackinac
    696XBourissaw, Francisson of L.C. Bourissaw [693]15MMackinac
    51-14697XBourissaw, Louis, Jr.29MMackinacCharlevoix
    51-14698XBerlin, Josephinegreat grandchild [51-14]23FMackinacTraverseverse Citynee Bourissaw
    51-14699XBourassaw, William55MMackinacNaubinway
    51-14700XBouchard, Henry40MMackinacFront Lakeworks on R. R.
    54-14701Bailey, Lucy34FMackinacDetroitnee Terrient
    702XBailey, Fredson of Lucy Bailey [701]14MMackinac
    703XBailey, Blanchdaughter of Lucy Bailey [701]13FMackinac
    704XBailey, Georgeson of Lucy Bailey [701]10MMackinac
    56-14, 4-17705Bazinaw, Augustus46MMackinacMackinaw Island
    17-15706Bazinaw, Emmawife of Augustus Bazinaw [705]40FMackinacnee Mayseswayweninne
    707Bazinaw, Ellendaughter of Augustus Bazinaw [705]20FMackinac
    708Bazinaw, Alexson of Augustus Bazinaw [705]16MMackinac
    709Bazinaw, Deliadaughter of Augustus Bazinaw [705]7FMackinac
    710Bazinaw, Anitadaughter of Augustus Bazinaw [705]4FMackinac
    64-14711XBouchard, Julia48FMackinacSt. Ignacenee Closs, husband dead
    712XBouchard, Philipson of Julia Bouchard [711]15MMackinac
    713XBouchard, Otisson of Julia Bouchard [711]12MMackinac
    714XBouchard, Johnson of Julia Bouchard [711]5MMackinac
    65-14715XBellair, Alfred55MMackinacBois Blanc Islandwife dead
    716XBellair, Johnson of Alfred Bellair [715]22MMackinacSault Ste. Marie
    717XBellair, Theodorebrother of Alfred Bellair [715]54MMackinacMackinaw Islandsingle
    2-15718Boucha, Ed #230MMackinacSt. Ignace
    18-15, 6-15721Bodwaince, Mrs. Josette66FMackinacSt. Ignaceon 1870 Roll
    18-15722Bodwin, Hyacinthe44MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white, has child on 2nd Roll
    723Bodwin, Peteson of Hyacinthe Bodwin [722]10MMackinac
    724Bodwin, Antoineson of Hyacinthe Bodwin [722]6MMackinac
    18-15725Bodwin, Joseph33MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    726Bodwin, Georgeson of Joseph Bodwin [725]7MMackinac
    727Bodiwn, Sophiadaughter of Joseph Bodwin [725]6FMackinac
    11-15728Bolton, Danson of Margaret Taylor (T) [6716]21MMackinacCap Crokersingle
    13-15729Bellant, Edith See Lavake,MackinacDouble enrollment See #3540
    Edith (L)Mackinac
    19-15730XBoucha, Ed #1son of Mary Prue [5183]41MMackinacSt. Ignace
    13-15732Bryce, Rosa29FMackinacGros Capnee Carp, husband white, child on 2nd Roll
    733XBryce, Elainedaughter of Rose Bryce [732]8FMackinac
    734XBryce, Lorisson of Rose Bryce [732]6MMackinac
    735XBryce, Marionson of Rose Bryce [732]4MMackinac
    736XBryce, Helenadaughter of Rose Bryce [732]3FMackinac
    28-15737XBerry, Eva19FMackinacGould CityGillespie, husband white
    738XBerry, Johnson of Eva Berry [737]2MMackinac
    56-16739Bourisaw, John38MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white, no children
    740Bourisaw, Theresasister of John Bourisaw [739]21FMackinacGros Capsingle
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