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    1908 Durant Roll











    0-12169Annemequong, Mary Ann82FMackinacHessell
    0-12170Annemequong, Louis40MMackinacHessell
    171Annemequong, Margaretdaughter of Louis Annemequong[170]20FMackinacPetoskeylives with the Blackbirds
    13-36, 22-11172O-dish-quayAndrews, Mary80FMackinacSugar IslandMay be the same as Susan Andrews 80 years old
    24-11631Belongea, Leon or Paul75MMackinacMackinaw Islandwife dead
    24-11632Belongea, John50MMackinacSarniawife white
    633Belongea, Williambrother of John Belongea [632]46MMackinacNamahsingle
    24-11634Belongea, Henry48MMackinacNamah
    37-15635XBelongea, Mary Annwife of Henry Belongea [634]52FMackinacnee Martin
    636XBelongea, Lizziedaughter of Henry Belongea [634]22FMackinac
    637XBelongea, Charlesson of Henry Belongea [634]20MMackinac
    29-11638Belongea, Louis #264MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    639Belongea, Arthurson of Louis Belongea [638]12MMackinac
    29-11640Belongea, Oliver38MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    641XBelongea, Joeson of Oliver Belongea [640]5MMackinac
    642XBelongea, Abrahamson of Oliver Belongea [640]4MMackinac
    643XBelongea, Jamesson of Oliver Belongea [640]2MMackinac
    29-11644Belongea, Joe32MMackinacSt. Ignace or Carp River
    66-16645XBelongea, Minniewife of Joe Belongea [644]22FMackinacnee Lavake
    29-11646XBelongea, Alexander18MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    29-11647Belongea, Louis #155MMackinacCross Village
    652Belongea, Evangelinedaughter of Louis Belongea #1 [647]14FMackinac
    653Belongea, Charlesson of Louis Belongea #1 [647]12MMackinac
    1-12654Besoyea, Joe28MMackinacHesselwife Canadian
    655Besoyea, Elizadaughter of Joe Besoyea [654]10FMackinac
    656Besoyea, Fredson of Joe Besoyea [654]6MMackinac
    657Besoyea, Tilliedaughter of Joe Besoyea [654]5FMackinac
    658Besoyea, Ellendaughter of Joe Besoyea [654]3FMackinac
    659Besoyea, Alexson of Joe Besoyea [654]2MMackinac
    16-13660XByers, Mamie21FMackinacCheboygannee Jewett, husband white
    10-12661Bunaway, Stephen47MMackinacPine River
    25-12663Baddeau, Eliza35FMackinacDetroit, place called 3 flatsnee Fartan
    26-13664Belonghay, Clement48MMackinacMackinaw Island
    4-13665XBelonghay, Gracewife of Clement Belonghay [664]36FMackinacnee Plant
    668XBelonghay, Joeson of Clement Belonghay [664]10MMackinacMackinaw Island
    669XBelonghay, Clement, Jr.son of Clement Belonghay [6648MMackinac
    670XBelonghay, Barbaradaughter of Clement Belonghay [664]7FMackinac
    671XBelonghay, Arthurson of Clement Belonghay [664]4MMackinac
    4-13672XBrooks, Mary28FMackinacCross Villagenee Plant, husband white
    673XBrooks, Sadiedaughter of Mary Brooks [672]6FMackinac
    674XBrooks, Minniedaughter of Mary Brooks [672]4FMackinac
    675XBrooks, Susiedaughter of Mary Brooks [672]2FMackinac
    6-13676Bennett, Mrs. Charles73FMackinacMackinaw Cityhusband white
    677Bennett, Elizadaughter of Mrs. Charles Bennett[676]27FMackinacdied March 17, 1907
    10-13678XBellow, Mary21FMackinacCheboygannee Hudson, husband white
    679XBellow, Pearldaughter of Mary Bellow [678]3FMackinac
    680XBellow, Lukeson of Mary Bellow [678]2MMackinac
    11-13681XBoyles, Edward22MMackinacCuba
    682XBoyles, Reubenbrother of Edward Boyles [681]19MMackinacCheboygan
    16-13683XBeaman, Gertrude22FMackinacFredericknee Lincoln
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