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    1908 Durant Roll











    17-15107Andrews, Ellenwife of George Andrews [106]43FMackinacnee Mayseswayninne
    110XAndrews, Esther V.daughter of George Andrews [106]6FMackinac
    16-15111Archambo, Libby40FMackinacCheboygannee Lavake, husband white
    112XArchambo, Johnson of Libby Archambo [111]17MMackinac
    113XArchambo, Nicholasson of Libby Archambo [111]13MMackinac
    114XArchambo, Agnesdaughter of Libby Archambo [111]10FMackinac
    115XArchambo, Elsiedaughter of Libby Archambo [111]8FMackinac
    116XArchambo, Melvinadaughter of Libby Archambo [111]5FMackinac
    117XArchambo, Napoleonson of Libby Archambo [111]3MMackinac
    41-15118Ance, Peter45MMackinacElk Rapids1st wife dead, Mary Agosa
    3-40119Ance, Elisawife of Peter Ance [118]41FMackinacnee King
    41-15120Ance, Isaacson of Peter Ance [118]10MMackinacLive with grandfather, Albert Agosa. Enrolled on Traverse with him.
    41-15121Ance, Danielson of Peter Ance [118]6MMackinacLive with grandfather, Albert Agosa. Enrolled on Traverse with him.
    3-40122Ance, George Kingstep son [118]8MMackinacSon of mother before she married Peter Ance
    41-15123Ance, Anthony #170MMackinacSutton's Bay
    65-16125XAchambo, Rose38FMackinacSt. Ignacenee Grondin, husband white
    126XAchambo, Maggiedaughter of Rose Achambo [125]16FMackinac
    127XAchambo, Harryson of Rose Achambo [125]14MMackinac
    128XAchambo, Williamson of Rose Achambo [125]12MMackinac
    2-17129Andrews, Susanwife of head of family [2-17]80FMackinacMackinaw Isl.Bois Blanc
    130Andrews, Nicholasson of Susan Andrews [129]44MMackinacsingle
    2-17131Andrews, John58MMackinacMackinaw Island
    132XAndrews, Frankson of John Andrews [131]29MMackinac
    2-17133Andrews, Mitchell #154MMackinacBois Blanc
    134XAndrews, Frankson of Mitchell Andrews [133]18MMackinac
    135XAndrews, Henryson of Mitchel Anddrews [133]13MMackinac
    136XAndrews, Felixson of Mitchell Andrews [133]9MMackinac
    137XAndrews, Virginiadaughter of Mitchell Andrews [133]10FMackinacMackinaw CityLives with Emily Plant
    138XAndrews, Eberson of Mitchell Andrews [133]8MMackinacDied November, 1907
    139XAndrews, Iradaughter of Mitchell Andrews [133]7FMackinacMackinaw CityLives with Margaret Duffina
    2-17140Andrews, Peter50MMackinacMackinaw City
    2-17149Andrews, David62MMackinacBois Blanc
    46-14150Andrews, Mary St. Ongewife of David Andrews [149]47FMackinac
    151XAndrews, Peterson of David Andrews [149]23MMackinac
    152XAndrews, Charlesson of David Andrews [149]11MMackinac
    153XAndrews, Nancydaughter of David Andrews [149]9FMackinac
    3-17154Alick, Peter33MMackinacHessellAlso known as Antoine Kejigopinase or Pete Alick
    9-17156Andrews, John #234MMackinacSnow Island
    11-13157XAndrews, Ivywife of John Andrews [156]25FMackinacnee Pellotte -Gallagher
    9-17158Andrews, Samuel33MMackinacMackinaw Island
    62-16159Andrews, Katewife of Samuel Andrews [158]20FMackinacgranddaughter of 62-16
    160XAndrews, Albertson of Samuel Andrews [158]2MMackinac
    9-17161Andrews, James21MMackinacOnawaysingle
    22-17162Awnokekzhick, Matilda42FMackinacSt. Ignacesingle
    23-11163Andrew, Joe34MMackinacDrummond's Island
    67-4164Andrew, Agneswife of Joe Andrew [163]20FMackinac
    3-17165Alick, Ben30MMackinacKenneth
    1-37, 5-20166Alick, Mary Annwife of Ben Alick [165]42FMackinacnee Morris, was wife of Francis Gilbert, Jr.
    7-11167Alteman, Angeline43FMackinacPine River P.O. Charles or St.nee Wendel, husband dead lives with Louis Osawinmick Soo 5-3
    168Alteman, Georgeson of Angeline Alteman [167]8MMackinac
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