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    1908 Durant Roll - Traverse











    15-40311Aw-ko-we-sayAgosa, GeorgeMTraversedied May 5, 1908
    312Agosa, Mary Annwife of George Agosa [311]57FTraverseOmenanee George On 1870 Roll with husband
    17-40313Antoine, Eliza57FTraverseOmenahusband dec'd-no children
    2-41314Andrews, Mitchell35MTraverseBeaver
    Andrews, Enosnephew [314] (see Kingbird)2MTraverseadopted by Thomas Kingbird, uncle, See K
    5-46315Aken, Stephen58MTraverseBarker's Creek
    13-41316Aken, Theresawife of Stephen Aken [315]31FTraversenee Petwadum
    317Aken, Marydaughter of Stephen Aken [315]22FTraverseMt. Pleasant School
    318Aken, Deliadaughter of Stephen Aken [315]18FTraverseMt. Pleasant School
    319Aken, Tilliedaughter of Stephen Aken [315]8FTraverseBarker's Creek
    8-42320Ance, Simon P.50MTraverseSutton's Bay
    18-41321Ance, Angelinewife of Simon P. Ance [320]45FTraversenee Chippeway
    2-42327Antoine, Mary55FTraversedied Sept 16, 1907 has another son John Antoine or Shiding (See S)
    328Antoine, Alexson of Mary Antoine [327]19MTraverseHonor
    8-42329Ance, Mary68FTraverseSutton's Baywife of Peter Ance, Dec'd
    330Ance, Johnson of Mary Ance [329]27MTraversesingle
    8-42331Ance, Casper25MTraverseRapid CityChild on 2nd Roll
    10-46332Ance, Susanwife of Casper Ance [321]20FTraversenee Mark
    333Ance, Ceceliadaughter of Casper Ance [321]2FTraverse
    8-42334Ance, Mitchell38MTraverseHarbor Springs
    30-42335Ance, Deliawife of Mitchell Ance [334]27FTraversenee Oliver
    18-42336Anderson, Eliza38FTraversedied May 27, 1908, nee Ance, husband Alex Anderson, white
    337Anderson, Fredson of Eliza Anderson [336]16MTraverseElk Rapids
    338Anderson, Ceceliadaughter of Eliza Anderson [336]2FTraverse
    44-42339Agosa, Mary Ann62FTraverseCross Villagealso known Mrs. Francis Sawgawnawquawdo
    45-43340Ance, Louis60MTraverseNorthport or Fox IslandAlice Andrew, granddau., lives with Louis Ance
    341Ance, Maggiewife of Louis Ance [340]57FTraverse
    45-43342Ance, August32MTraverseSutton's Bayhas another child on 2nd Roll
    343Ance, Christina (Raphael)wife of August Ance [342]24FTraverse
    344Ance, Fredson of August Ance [342]7MTraverse
    345Ance, Lukeson of August Ance [342]4MTraverse
    16-34346Andrew, John23MTraverseFox Island, Nor thport
    347Andrew, Abbie (Ance)wife of John Andrew [346]18FTraversenee Ance
    348Andrew, Alicedaughter of John Andrew [346]4FTraverselives with grandfather Louis Ance
    349Andrew, Ivanson of John Andrew [346]3MTraverse
    11-45350Naw-che-ge-ne-wayAgache, John70MTraverseOmena
    19-45351Ne-gaw-nobe-quayAgache, Mrs. Johnwife of John Agache [350]70FTraversedied May 1907
    3-46352Arnot, Ed14MTraverseMillersburgMother Mary Okedonquot, dead, Father Bert Arnot, white
    353Arnot, Amandasister to Ed Arnot [352]12FTraverseMother Mary Okedonquot, dead, Father Bert Arnot, white
    354Arnot, Janesister to Ed Arnot [352]9FTraverseMother Mary Okedonquot, dead, Father Bert Arnot, white
    355Arnot, Marysister to Ed Arnot [352]7FTraverseMother Mary Okedonquot, dead, Father Bert Arnot, white
    35-46356Alexander, Paul17MTraverseRapid Citychildren of Mary Ann Jacko (See J), father Canadian Indian, another child born too late.
    359Alexander, Enticebrother to Paul Alexander [356]2MTraversechildren of Mary Ann Jacko (See J), father Canadian Indian, another child born too late.
    12-32360Alexander, Bonapart49MTraverseCuster
    5-54, 1-49361Alexander, Julia McDaquotwife of Bonapart Alexander [360]37FTraversenee McDaquot
    362Alexander, Margaretdaughter of Bonapart Alexander[360]10FTraverse
    363Alexander, Louisson of Bonapart Alexander [360]5MTraverse
    364Alexander, Mitchellson of Bonapart Alexander [360]3MTraverse
    12-32365Alexander, Moses34MTraverseHarbor Springs
    28-52, 29-59366Alexander, Francisson of Moses Alexander [365]10MTraverseBrutus or PellstonFather Moses Alexander Separated from wife, mother Julia McClellanWahbesis, W. Grand River
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