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    1908 Durant Roll - Traverse











    367Alexander, Benjaminson of Moses Alexander [365]6MTraverse
    4-31368Antoine, Ambrose65MTraversedied August 13, 1908
    2-20687Bourassaw, Hattiewife of Frank Bourassaw [686]56FTraversenee Lasley
    688Bourassaw, Jamesson of Frank Bourassaw [686]24MTraverse
    689Bourassaw, Ruthdaughter of Frank Bourassaw [686]Traverse
    690Bourassaw, Mortonson of Frank Bourassaw [686]20MTraverse
    691Bourassaw, Harryson of Frank Bourassaw [686]15MTraverse
    9-36719Boucha, Rettawife of Ed Boucha #2 [718]25FTraversenee Kewandeway
    720Boucha, Josephson of Ed Boucha #2 [718]3MTraverse
    4-20773Bwanishing, Alex59MTraverseCross Village, Mich.
    43-32774Bwanishing, Rosiewife of Alex Bwanishing [773]41FTraversenee Shaw-waw-non-quot
    780Bwanishing, Margaretdaughter of Alex Bwanishing [773]2FTraverse
    4-20781Bwanishing, Louis56MTraverseCross Village, Mich.
    6-20782Birch, Sophia (Nanegoes)40FTraversePetoskeyseparated from Stanalus Nigave Kwaan
    783Birch, Aaronson of Sophia Birch [782]6MTraverse
    784Birch, Edwardson of Sophia Birch [782]2MTraverse
    7-31785Bourassaw, Peter36MTraverseLives in Canadaheard from last summer-1908, separated from his wife, Angeline Shonin
    17-41786Blackman, Sampson40MTraverseSutton's Bay
    35-20787Blackman, Lucywife of Sampson Blackman [786]29FTraversenee Shomin
    788Blackman, Juliadaughter of Sampson Blackman[786]13FTraversedied June 11, 1908
    789Blackman, Anniedaughter of Sampson Blackman[786]10FTraverse
    790Blackman, Louisson of Sampson Blackman [786]8MTraverse
    791Blackman, Jenniedaughter of Sampson Blackman[786]4FTraverse
    16-40Battise, John J.TraverseSee Jacobs, John (J)
    28-41Benjamin, JacobTraverseSee Frenchman, Jacob (F)
    6-23792Boulton, Annie33FTraverseCharlevoixnee Tabasash, husband Richard Boulton reported by Indians to be a CanadianIndian
    794Boulton, Idadaughter of Annie Boulton [792]9FTraverse
    795Boulton, Prudencedaughter of Annie Boulton [792]8FTraverse
    796Boulton, Richardson of Annie Boulton [792]4MTraverse
    797Boulton, Lauradaughter of Annie Boulton [792]2FTraverse
    15-24, 4-30798Black, Susan48FTraverseBay Shorenee Mawcawdayoquot
    799Black, Johnson of Susan Black [798]20MTraverseTomah School
    800Black, Peterson of Susan Black [798]14MTraverseGenoa School
    42-41801E-to-way-mayBlackman, Isaac61MTraversePashabatonnwife white
    802Blackman, Anniedaughter of Isaac Blackman [801]13FTraverse
    42-41803Blackman, Jennie36FTraverseSutton's Baysingle
    42-41804Blackman, John34MTraverseSutton's Baywife and children dead
    21-26805Maw-caw-day-pe-nay-seBlackbird, John B.71MTraversePetoskey
    1-26, 49-27806Blackbird, Angelinewife of John B. Blackbird [805]69FTraversenee Aw-me-naw-bay, on 1870 Roll as Eliza Awmequawbay
    21-26807Blackbird, Gabrielson of John B. Blackbird [805]41MTraversePetoskey
    2-26808Waw-be-we-me-keBlackbird, James or Bazil52MTraverseNorthport
    2-26, 24-26810Blackbird, Catherine60FTraversePetoskeywife of James Blackbird, dec'd
    24-26811Blackbird, Truman or Clement44MTraversePt. Ste. Ignace or Hessel
    24-26818Blackbird, Lydia17FTraversePetoskeydaughterghter of Catherine Blackbird
    24-26819Blackbird, Edward32MTraversePetoskeyson of Catherine Blackbird, wife white, daughter on 2nd Roll
    2-26820Waw-be-nim-keBlackbird, Madeline49FTraversePetoskeyhusband white, adopted son, George McLane 16
    4-26821Bradley, Jane43FTraverseRosebush (7 mi North Mt. Pleasnee Kewaykezhick or Otawnawazhe
    822Bradley, Elizabethdaughter of Jane Bradley [822]5FTraverse
    823Bradley, Jonasson of Jane Bradley [822]4MTraverse
    7-28824Bwanishing, Louis52MTraverseGoodheart
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