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    1908 Durant Roll











    13-36262Kin-ne-waw-byAnthony, William64MTraverseSt. Ignace
    10-34263Anthony, Margaretwife of W illiam Anthony [262]-- separated50FTraverseHigh Islandnee High
    264Anthony, Catherinedaughter of William Anthony [262]7FTraverse
    10-34265Anthony, John or Jake23MTraverseHigh Island
    13-34266Anthony, Sarahwife of John Anthony [265]22FTraversenee Cornstalk
    267Anthony, Jacobson of John Anthony [265]7MTraverse
    268Anthony, Danielson of John Anthony [265]3MTraverse
    10-34269Anthony, William19MTraverseHigh Island
    14-34270Awdayneme, John #245MTraverseBeaver Island St. James P.O. o
    12-34271Awdayneme, Elizawife of John Awdayneme [270]40FTraverse
    272Awdayneme, John #3son of John Awdayneme [270]16MTraverse
    14-34273Awdayneme, John #1Traversewife dead, died July, 1908, John Awdayneme #2 only living child 2nd child dead and grandson Pete dead no heirs
    14-34274Awdayneme, Pete40MTraversedied May 16, 1908
    16-34275Ance, Janet30FTraverseFox Islandnee Oliver-husband dead
    276Ance, Juliusson of Janet Ance [275]5MTraverseNorthportlives with grandfather Louis Ance
    277Ance, Emelinedaughter of Janet Ance [275]3FTraverseFox Island
    17-34278Awdayneme, Mary Ann57FTraversePetoskeyunmarried has two children, Agatha Osawwawnemeke (See O) and EnosGraham (See G)
    17-34, 67-35Awdayneme,TraverseSee Williams (W)
    22-38279Nay-to-shingAntoine, Pete36MTraverseHammond, Okla.1st wife Mary now wife of Wm. Boursaw (See B) present wife member of Okla. tribe.
    5-38280Antoine, Georgeson of Pete Antoine [279]19MTraverseOmena
    21-42Awbwaince, AndrewTraverseSee Paul, Anthony (P)
    2-40281Allen, George50MTraverseMt. Pleasant
    13-38282Allen, Isaacson of George Allen [281]17MTraverseGenoa School, Neb.Children of George Allen above and Eliza, now wife of John Big joe (B)
    283Allen, Rosiedaughter of George Allen [281]15FTraverseMt. Pleasant SchoolChildren of George Allen above and Eliza, now wife of John Big joe (B)
    284Allen, Bennettson of George Allen [281]13MTraverseChilocco, Okla.Children of George Allen above and Eliza, now wife of John Big joe (B)
    27-42, 14-38285Awnawquawdoquay, Agatha72FTraverseSutton's Bayhusband Pawn-de-gay-aw-she, dead
    12-40286XAgosa, Paul33MTraverseOmenahas another child on 2nd Roll Enrolled with the Potawattomies, 1905, #114
    17-38287Agosa, Marianwife of Paul Agosa [286]33FTraversenee Fisher
    288Agosa, Clara M.daughter of Paul Agosa [286]6FTraverse
    289Agosa, Esther S.daughter of Paul Agosa [286]4FTraverse
    290Agosa, Lenadaughter of Paul Agosa [286]3FTraverse
    291Agosa, Elsie M.daughter of Paul Agosa [286]2FTraverse
    2-41, 24-60292Andrews, Isaac27MTraverseOmena
    32-38293Andrews, Lucywife of Isaac Andrews [292]37FTraversenee Sarquatto
    10-40294Ke-way-to-naw-quo-umAgosa, Albert72MTraverseNorthport
    297Ance, Danielgrandson of Albert Agosa [294]6MTraversechildren of Peter Ance (A Mackinac) mother Mary Ann Ance, dec'd
    10-40298Agosa, John44MTraverseNorthportwife a Pottawattomie
    299Agosa, Mosesson of John Agosa [298]7MTraverse
    10-40300Agosa, Robert #136MTraverseNorthportunmarried
    8-40301Ahko, William42MTraverse
    5-40302Ahko, Janewife of W illiam Ahko [301]40FTraversenee Francis daughter of 5-40 on 1870 roll
    12-40303Aw-ko-we-sayAgosa, David76MTraverseOmenawife dead
    12-40304XAgosa, Jacob54MTraverseOmenaenrolled with the Pottawattomies, 1905, #113 wife a Canadian Ind. child on 2ndRoll
    13-40Aniwaskey,TraverseSee Eniweskey (E)
    19-44, 13-40305Anawaskey, John53MTraverseNorthport
    10-41306Anawaskey, Angelinewife of John Anawaskey [305]44FTraversenee Chippeway
    307Anawaskey, Basilson of John Anawaskey [305]23MTraverse
    308Anawaskey, Mosesson of John Anawaskey [305]21MTraverse
    309Anawaskey, Georgeson of John Anawaskey [305]19MTraverse
    310Anawaskey, Rosiedaughter of John Anawaskey [305]12FTraverse
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