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    1908 Durant Roll











    11-26223Abram, Kate42FTraversePetoskeyliving with Enos Petoskey
    13-26224Antoine, Louis46MTraverseBay Shore
    15-32225Antoine, Juliawife of Louis Antoine [224]42FTraversenee Waw-so
    13-26226Antoine, Edmund44MTraversealso called Ed Ingalls, has not been heard from in many years
    13-26227Antoine, Agnes42FTraversealso called Agnes Ingalls, a nurse at Kalamazoo or Battle Creek. SisterAngeline W illis has not heard from her since 1904.
    19-26228Augustus, Amos30MTraversePetoskey
    22-26229Antoine, Jacob55MTraversePetoskey
    54-27230Antoine, Nancywife of Jacob Antoine [229]-- separated55FTraverseOcqueocknown as Nancy Ottawa or Nancy Henry has grandson Emory Nada (9) living with her see N.
    8-28231Assinaway, Jasper27MTraverseGoodheartson Titus on 2nd Roll
    45-42232Assinaway, Theresawife of Jasper Assinaway [231]23FTraversenee Gibson
    233Assinaway, Johnson of Jasper Assinaway [231]3MTraverse
    8-28234Assinaway, Sophia78FTraverseGoodheart
    8-28235Assinaway, Mitchell54MTraverseGoodheart
    13-32236Assinaway, Anatasiawife of Mitchell Assinaway [235]48FTraversenee Keyogeman
    237Assinaway, Thomasson of Mitchell Assinaway [235]16MTraverse
    238Assinaway, Stephenson of Mitchell Assinaway [235]14MTraverse
    239Assinaway, Joeson of Mitchell Assinaway [23510MTraverse
    240Assinaway, Louisadaughter of Mitchell Assinaway [235]5FTraverse
    241Assinaway, Peterson of Mitchell Assinaway [235]3MTraverse
    16-28242Assinaway, Matthew42MTraverseGoodheartson also on 2nd Roll
    17-32243Assinaway, Anniewife of Matthew Assinaway [242]34FTraversenee Payneosayway
    16-28244Assinaway, Peter39MTraverseGoodhearthas another child on 2nd Roll
    6-46245Assinaway, Marywife of Peter Assinaway [244]35FTraversenee Ogemawkegedo
    246Assinaway, Georgeson of Peter Assinaway [244]13MTraverse
    247Assinaway, Louisadaughter of Peter Assinaway [244]7FTraverse
    248Assinaway, Agnesdaughter of Peter Assinaway [244]5FTraverse
    21-28Aw-waw-naw-quot, TheresaTraverseSee Petrose, Theresa
    38-32, 24-28249Aishkebawgosh, Francis34MTraverseGoodheartwife Barbara grandau. of Kesiswawbay
    24-28252Aishkebawgosh, Joseph33MTraverseGoodheartsingle
    32-28Awsenoway, MaryTraverseSee Nagodoc, Mary (N)
    6-52253Abinaw, Robert44MTraverseHarbor Springs
    35-28254Abinaw, Marywife of Robert Abinaw [253]30FTraversenee Kenozheimeig
    4-31255Antoine, Joseph70MTraverseBayne Fallssingle-no children
    18-42256Ance, Mitchell #165MTraverseElk Rapids
    11-31257Ance, Mary Annwife of Mitchell Ance [256]64FTraversenee Bourassaw
    18-42258Ance, Thomas31MTraversedied Jan 9, 1908 not married
    18-42259Ance, Antoine25MTraverseElk Rapids
    18-42260Ance, John22MTraverseElk Rapids
    18-42261Ance, Sampson Louis19MTraverseElk Rapids
    13-36262Kin-ne-waw-byAnthony, William64MTraverseSt. Ignace
    10-34263Anthony, Margaretwife of W illiam Anthony [262]-- separated50FTraverseHigh Islandnee High
    264Anthony, Catherinedaughter of William Anthony [262]7FTraverse
    10-34265Anthony, John or Jake23MTraverseHigh Island
    13-34266Anthony, Sarahwife of John Anthony [265]22FTraversenee Cornstalk
    267Anthony, Jacobson of John Anthony [265]7MTraverse
    268Anthony, Danielson of John Anthony [265]3MTraverse
    10-34269Anthony, William19MTraverseHigh Island
    14-34270Awdayneme, John #245MTraverseBeaver Island St. James P.O. o
    12-34271Awdayneme, Elizawife of John Awdayneme [270]40FTraverse
    272Awdayneme, John #3son of John Awdayneme [270]16MTraverse
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