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    1908 Durant Roll











    66XAndres, Susiedau of Julius Andres [62]9FMackinac
    67XAndres, Robertson of Julius Andres [62]5MMackinac
    68XAndres, Anniedaughter of Julius Andres [62]2FMackinac
    39-1369XAslin, Alex59MMackinacNewberry
    70XAslin, Edmundbrother of Alex Aslin [69]32MMackinac
    39-1371XAslin, Peter52MMackinacSt. Ignace
    5-3272Aslin, Agathawife of Peter Aslin [71]50FTraversenee Peck
    78XAslin, Bessiedaughter of Peter Aslin [71]7FTraverse
    39-1379XAslin, William35MMackinacNewberrywife white
    80XAslin, Estherdaughter of William Aslin [79]13FMackinac
    81XAslin, Theodoradaughter of William Aslin [79]11FMackinac
    82XAslin, Harleyson of William Aslin [79]7MMackinac
    83XAslin, William, Jr.son of William Aslin [79]5MMackinac
    39-1384XAslin, Paul27MMackinacGermfaskwife white
    85XAslin, Gladysdaughter of Paul Aslin [84]6FMackinac
    2-1586Aish-caw-bay-wisAnce, Anthony #297MMackinacSt. IgnaceDied March 17, 1909
    87Ance, Josephson of Anthony Ance [86]26MMackinacsingle
    2-1588Ance, Anthony #347MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    2-1589Ance, George #338MMackinacSt. Ignace
    2-1590Ance, Edward28MMackinacSt. Ignacewife white
    91Ance, Clara Belledaughter of Edward Ance [90]2FMackinac
    3-1792Alick, John52MMackinacPine River P.O. St. Ignace
    6-1593Alick, Catherinewife of John Alick [92]32FMackinacnee Mesawtego
    94Alick, Abramson of John Alick [92]18MMackinac
    95Alick, Joeson of John Alick [92]14MMackinac
    96Alick, Marydaughter of John Alick [92]8FMackinac
    12-1597Askin, Esther44FMackinacSt. Ignacenee Belongea, husband Ed Pond (?)
    98Askin, Margaretdaughter of Esther Askin [97]15FMackinac
    14-1599Anderson, Christine34FMackinacCedarvillenee Muscoe
    100Anderson, Anniedaughter of Christine Anderson [99]10FMackinac
    101Anderson, Marydaughter of Christine Anderson [99]8FMackinac
    102Anderson, Helendaughter of Christine Anderson [99]5FMackinactwin
    103Anderson, Angelinedaughter of Christine Anderson [99]5FMackinactwin
    104Anderson, Georgeson of Christine Anderson [99]3MMackinactwin
    105Anderson, Maggiedaughter of Christine Anderson [99]3FMackinactwin
    9-17106Andrews, George38MMackinacSt. Ignace
    17-15107Andrews, Ellenwife of George Andrews [106]43FMackinacnee Mayseswayninne
    110XAndrews, Esther V.daughter of George Andrews [106]6FMackinac
    16-15111Archambo, Libby40FMackinacCheboygannee Lavake, husband white
    112XArchambo, Johnson of Libby Archambo [111]17MMackinac
    113XArchambo, Nicholasson of Libby Archambo [111]13MMackinac
    114XArchambo, Agnesdaughter of Libby Archambo [111]10FMackinac
    115XArchambo, Elsiedaughter of Libby Archambo [111]8FMackinac
    116XArchambo, Melvinadaughter of Libby Archambo [111]5FMackinac
    117XArchambo, Napoleonson of Libby Archambo [111]3MMackinac
    41-15118Ance, Peter45MMackinacElk Rapids1st wife dead, Mary Agosa
    3-40119Ance, Elisawife of Peter Ance [118]41FMackinacnee King
    41-15120Ance, Isaacson of Peter Ance [118]10MMackinacLive with grandfather, Albert Agosa. Enrolled on Traverse with him.
    41-15121Ance, Danielson of Peter Ance [118]6MMackinacLive with grandfather, Albert Agosa. Enrolled on Traverse with him.
    3-40122Ance, George Kingstep son [118]8MMackinacSon of mother before she married Peter Ance
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