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    20-57Mrs. George RobinsonGarden River
    20-571592Crandell, Ellen60FGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.nee Robinson, husband white
    20-571593XCrandle, Albert32MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 80 Wealthy Av.wife white
    20-571596XCrandell, John24MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, Chestnut St.child of Ellen Crandell above.
    1597XCrandell, Pearlbrother of John Crandell [1596]22MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.child of Ellen Crandell above.
    1598XCrandell, Eberbrother of John Crandell [1596]20MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.child of Ellen Crandell above.
    1599XCrandell, Hazel #1sister of John Crandell [1596]14FGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.child of Ellen Crandell above.
    20-571600XCrandell, Mark27MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.separated from wife, Jessie Crandell
    1601XCrandell, Earlson of Mark Crandell [1600]6MGrand River
    1602XCrandell, Percyson of Mark Crandell [1600]4MGrand River
    20-571603XCrandell, Luke26MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 4th Avewife white
    1604XCrandell, Hazel #2daughter [1603]3FGrand River
    20-571644XCloveatur, Nora30FGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 38 Goodrich St.child on 2nd Roll, nee Crandall, husband white
    1645XCloveatur, Lesterson of Nora Cloveatur [1644]7MGrand River
    20-572657XHancock, Clarence20MGrand RiverGrand Haven R.F.D. #1Mother dead, father white, Thomas Hammond
    2658XHancock, Guybrother of Clarence Hancock [2657]18MGrand River
    2659XHancock, Ernestbrother of Clarence Hancock [2657]15MGrand River
    2660XHancock, Mamiesister of Clarence Hancock [2657]13FGrand River
    2661XHancock, Millysister of Clarence Hancock [2657]11FGrand RiverLacotaLives with Aunt, Mrs. J. Gibson
    20-573746XLivingstone, Gaylord20FGrand RiverCedar Rapids, Iowa, 219 N. 2ndnee Robinson, husband white, child on 2nd Roll
    20-575538XPego, Myrtlewife of Enos Pego [5537]24FGrand Rivernee Robinson
    20-575561XPitcher, Garnett22FGrand RiverCedar Rapids, Iowa, 219 N. 2nd
    20-575572XPitzer, Caddie22FGrand RiverBangornee Tappan, husband white
    20-575737Robinson, George50MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 129 Wealthy Ave1st wife dead, 2nd wife white
    5738XRobinson, Chaunceyson of George Robinson [5737]25MGrand RiverGrand Havenson by 1st wife
    5739XRobinson, Clarenceson of George Robinson [5737]14MGrand RiverGrand Rapids
    5740XRobinson, Marydaughter of George Robinson [5737]13FGrand River
    5741XRobinson, Haroldson of George Robinson [5737]10MGrand River
    20-575742Robinson, William #148MGrand RiverCedar Rapids, Iowa 1530 N. 4thwife white
    5743XRobinson, Dwightson of William Robinson #1 [5742]25MGrand RiverSaratoga, Wash.
    5744XRobinson, E.daughter of William Robinson #1 [5742]1FGrand RiverCedar Rapids, Iowaborn January, 1907
    20-575745Robinson, Frank46MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, 205 Market St.wife white
    5747XRobinson, Walterson of Frank Robinson [5745]13MGrand River
    5748XRobinson, Mauddaughter of Frank Robinson [5745]11FGrand River
    5749XRobinson, Johnson of Frank Robinson [5745]9MGrand River
    5750XRobinson, Earmelson of Frank Robinson [5745]4MGrand River
    5751XRobinson, Carolinedaughter of Frank Robinson [5745]2FGrand RiverMilwaukee, Blind School
    20-575752Robinson, John30MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, Curve St.wife white
    5753XRobinson, Percyson of John Robinson [5752]4MGrand River
    20-575754Robinson, Jesse28MGrand RiverGrand Rapids, Curve St.wife white
    5755XRobinson, Olivedaughter of Jesse Robinson [5754]6FGrand River
    20-575785Robinson, Mrs. George75FGrand RiverGrand Haven 5 mi up river Sout
    20-575786Robinson, Edward #358MGrand RiverGlen Havenwife dead
    20-575794XRobinson, Charles #235MGrand RiverGlen Haven, U.S. Life SavingsSwife white
    5795XRobinson, Ed, Jr.son of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]14MGrand River
    5796XRobinson, Charles, Jr.son of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]12MGrand River
    5797XRobinson, Francesdaughter of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]10FGrand River
    5798XRobinson, Kennethson of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]8MGrand River
    5799XRobinson, Lyleson of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]6MGrand River
    5800XRobinson, Daleson of Charles Robinson #2 [5794]4MGrand River
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