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    3-59Mrs. Henry RobinsonGarden River
    3-59961Bailey, Eunicewife of Solomon Bailey [960]53FGrand Rivernee Robinson
    962Bailey, Francisson of Solomon Bailey [960]16MGrand River
    3-59965Bailey, Robert24MGrand RiverHonor
    3-591044XBell, Carrie18FGrand RiverHart R.F.D.#1nee Green, husband white
    3-591856XDuverney, Sam27MGrand RiverSilver Beach, Wash.
    3-592160XFrance, Josie28FGrand RiverHart R.F.D. #1nee Green
    2161XFrance, Earlson of Josie France [2160]12MGrand River
    2162XFrance, Williamson of Josie France [2160]9MGrand River
    2163XFrance, Maydaughter of Josie France [2160]6FGrand River
    2164XFrance, Elmerson of Josie France [2160]5MGrand River
    2165XFrance, Dorothydaughter of Josie France [2160]4FGrand River
    2166XFrance, Clarenceson of Josie France [2160]2MGrand River
    3-592411Green, Sarah47FGrand RiverHartnee Moon, husband dead
    3-592412XGreen, George31MGrand RiverLattinchild on 2nd Roll, wife white
    2413XGreen, Charlottedaughter of George Green [2412]4FGrand River
    3-592414XGreen, Charles26MGrand RiverLattinchild on 2nd Roll, wife white
    2415XGreen, Geraldson of Charles Green [2414]3MGrand River
    3-592416XGarrison, Geneva6FGrand RiverInterlochenMother dead, lives with father, Dan Garrison, white
    3-594493Moon, Henry45MGrand RiverScottsville
    3-59, 19-495429Pokagon, Margaret36FGrand RiverMillertonnee Halfaday, 1st husband Hineman, dead, four Hineman children on (H)
    3-595574Parr, Sophia Diverney65FGrand RiverElbridge
    3-595775Robinson, Charles #148MGrand RiverDighton
    3-595777Robinson, Williamson of Charles Robinson #1 [5775]19MGrand River
    5779Robinson, Yetabelledaughter of Charles Robinson #1 [5775]10FGrand River
    5780Robinson, Gertiedaughter of Charles Robinson #1 [5775]7FGrand River
    5781Robinson, Vernieson of Charles Robinson #1 [5775]4MGrand River
    5782Robinson, Clarenceson of Charles Robinson #1 [5775]2MGrand River
    3-595783Robinson, Ed #150MGrand RiverHart R.F.D. #4wife white
    5784XRobinson, Winnie Belledaughter of Ed Robinson #1 [5783]15FGrand River
    3-595820XRobinson, Williamadopted son of Irene EvalineRobinson [5819]12MGrand Rivermother Lizzie Wilson
    3-595830Ryeson, Kate37FGrand RiverLawrence, Wash.nee Robinson, husband white
    5831XRyeson, Leannadaughter of Kate Ryeson [5830]14FGrand River
    5832XRyeson, Wilbur D.son of Kate Ryeson [5830]13MGrand River
    5833XRyeson, Fannie S.daughter of Kate Ryeson [5830]11FGrand River
    5834XRyeson, Charles S.son of Kate Ryeson [5830]9MGrand River
    5835XRyeson, Madgedaughter of Kate Ryeson [5830]7FGrand River
    3-595836Rummer, Mabel42FGrand RiverHartnee Robinson
    5843XRummer, Kittiedaughter of Mable Rummer [5836]8FGrand River
    5844XRummer, Fanniedaughter of Mable Rummer [5836]4FGrand River
    5845XRummer, Etheldaughter of Mable Rummer [5836]2FGrand River
    3-597352Wilson, Lizzie30FGrand RiverMontaguenee Duverney, husband white
    7353Wilson, Lethadaughter of Lizzie Wilson [7352]7FGrand River
    7354Wilson, Marydaughter of Lizzie Wilson [7352]2FGrand River
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