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    4-34Paw zhe daw naw quotTraverse
    4-34861Beaver, Joe48MTraverseNamah1st wife dead
    4-34867Beaver, Moses44MTraverseNamahhas child on 2nd Roll
    868Beaver, Lizziewife of Moses Beaver [867]33FTraverse
    869Beaver, Joe M.son of Moses Beaver [867]11MTraverse
    870Beaver, Peterson of Moses Beaver [867]8MTraverse
    871Beaver, Susandaughter of Moses Beaver [867]5FTraverse
    872Beaver, Nancydaughter of Moses Beaver [867]3FTraverse
    4-341939Elsley, Josephine19FTraversenee Moses, died Sept 1908, husband Cyrus Elsley, white who left her before her death, pay share to her mother, Mary Mashequeto (M) or pay funeral & expenses if any
    4-342819Paw-zhe-daw-naw-quotJohn, Peter56MTraverseNamah
    4-34, 28-303177Kezhick, Joseph36MTraverseSt. Jacqueswife dead
    3178Kezhick, Joseph, Jr.son of Joseph Kezhick [3177]11MTraverseMt. Pleasant School
    4-343644Lucia, Lizzie23FTraverseNamahnee Moses, husband white, child on 2nd Roll
    4-344103Mashaqueto, Marywife of Joe Mashaqueto [4102]50FTraverse
    4-344229Moses, William29MTraverseNamah
    4-344231Moses, Benjamin19MTraverseNamahMother Mary Mashequeto
    4-344233Moses, Mary Annwife of Peter Moses [4232]35FTraversenee Penaysequay
    4234Moses, Danson of Peter Moses [4232]19MTraverse
    4235Moses, Jacobson of Peter Moses [4232]17MTraverse
    4236Moses, Sophiadaughter of Peter Moses [4232]15FTraverse
    4237Moses, Marydaughter of Peter Moses [4232]13FTraverse
    4238Moses, Isaacson of Peter Moses [4232]11MTraverse
    4239Moses, Mosesson of Peter Moses [4232]9MTraverse
    4240Moses, Angelinedaughter of Peter Moses [4232]7FTraverse
    4241Moses, Mariandaughter of Peter Moses [4232]5FTraverse
    4242Moses, Elizabethdaughter of Peter Moses [4232]2FTraverse
    4-344243XMishigand, Doty42MTraverseNamahhas child on 2nd Roll, #346 Wooster's Roll of Wisconsin Potawattomies
    4247XMishigand, Julianson of Doty Mishigand [4243]14MTraverse
    4248XMishigand, Mary Anndaughter of Doty Mishigand [4243]11FTraverse#350 Woosters Roll of Wisc. Potawattomis
    4249XMishigand, Bessiedaughter of Doty Mishigand [4243]8FTraverse#351 Woosters Roll of Wisc. Potawattomis
    4250XMishigand, Louisson of Doty Mishigand [4243]6MTraverse#352 Woosters Roll of Wisc. Potawattomis
    4-344725Nadeau, Joseph36MTraverseGarden Baywife white
    4726Nadeau, Peterson of Joseph Nadeau [4725]6MTraverse
    4-344891Osawogwan, Theresawife of Joe Osawogwan [4890]45FTraversenee Pawzhedawnawquot
    4892Osawogwan, Joe, Jr.son of Joe Osawogwan [4890]31MTraverse
    4893Osawogwan, Johnson of Joe Osawogwan [4890]29MTraverse
    4894Osawogwan, Frankson of Joe Osawogwan [4890]28MTraverse
    4895Osawogwan, Katedaughter of Joe Osawogwan [4890]21FTraverse
    4896Osawogwan, Mikeson of Joe Osawogwan [4890]19MTraverse
    4897Osawogwan, Marydaughter of Joe Osawogwan [4890]17FTraverse
    4-344898Osawogwan, William27MMackinacPine River, P.O. Charles
    4-344954Oga, Ellenwife of Edward Oga [4953]21FTraversenee Moses
    4955Oga, Davidson of Edward Oga [4953]7MTraverse
    4956Oga, Albertson of Edward Oga [4953]5MTraverse
    4957Oga, Amosson of Edward Oga [4953]3MTraverse
    4958Oga, Stelladaughter of Edward Oga [4953]2FTraverse
    4-34Paw-zhe-daw-naw-quot SeeJohn, Peter (J)Traverse
    4-345719Romer, Adolph20MTraverseMt. Pleasant Schoolmother Margaret nee Mashequeto, dec'd
    4-346244Sawgawtawgum, Margaretwife of John Sawgawtawgum [6243]44FTraversenee Penaysequay
    4-346766Tenesis or Tennyson, Peter35MTraverseNamahsingle, also known as Pete Moses, has one eye
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