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    1908 Durant Roll - Traverse











    23-2042Ance, Susanwife of George Ance [41]48FTraverseSt. Ignacenee Kiegima
    2-1543Ance, Susan (or Rosie)daughter of George Ance [41]20FTraverseSt. Ignace
    46Ance, Louisadaughter of George Ance [41]7FTraverse
    45-2148Ance, Philamonwife of Anthony Ance [47]54FTraversenee Pawcaw or Parkey
    49Ance, Rosiedaughter of Anthony Ance [47]16FTraverse
    19-2853Ance, Agneswife of Leo Ance [52]25FTraversenee Petoskay
    54Ance, Joseph P.son of Leo Ance [52]17MTraverse
    5-3272Aslin, Agathawife of Peter Aslin [71]50FTraversenee Peck
    78XAslin, Bessiedaughter of Peter Aslin [71]7FTraverse
    24-41124Ance, Mary Annwife of Anthony Ance [123]58FTraversedaughter of O-gaw-bay-aw-bay-no-quay
    24-26155Alick, Elizabethwife of Peter Alick [154]35FTraversenee Blackbird
    8-20173Agosa, Mary Ann60FTraverseCross Village
    8-20174Agosa, Peter28MTraverseBeaver Island P.O. St. James
    10-38175Agosa, Susanwife of Peter Agosa [174]28FTraversenee Wah-an-be-mi n-que
    8-20176Agosa, George26MTraverseCross Village
    13-40177Anawasky, William31MTraverseSutton's Bay, Mich.
    8-20, 19-41178Anawasky, Angelinewife of William Anawasky [177]29FTraversenee Agosa, 1st husband Trosho dead, 2 children named Trosho, Edmund & Mary are with Mother
    179Anawasky, Henryson of William Anawasky [177]10MTraversechild of William Anawasky by 1st wife
    180Anawasky, Lucydaughter of William Anawasky [177]7FTraversechild of William Anawasky by 1st wife
    22-20181Anderson, Rosie30FTraverseCross Villagehusband white, daughter of Lucy Shomin who lived with William Divernay
    39-20182Animequom, Felix35MTraverseCross Village
    30-20183Animequom, Marywife of Felix Animequom [182]28FTraversenee Naw-de-way-quay-saw
    184Animequom, Jamesson of Felix Animequom [182]11MTraverse
    185Animequom, Piusson of Felix Animequom [182]9MTraverse
    186Animequom, Theresadaughter of Felix Animequom [182]7FTraverse
    187Animequom, Rosiedaughter of Felix Animequom [182]2FTraversedied June 30, 1908
    33-20Aw-gaw-waw-ne-gay, NesetteTraverseNow known as Elizabeth Ketchebaptiste, See K, on 1870 Roll
    39-20188Awnemequom, Simon41MTraverseCross Villagealso spelled Anemiquom
    38-20189Awnemequom, Marywife of Simon Awnemequom [188]31FTraversenee Nayonggaybe
    190Awnemequom, Ameliadaughter of Simon Awnemequom[188]7FTraverse
    39-20191Awnemequom, Samuel75MTraverseCross Village
    39-20192Awnemequom, Mitchell orMitchell, Sam46MTraversePt. St. Ignacehas child on 2nd Roll
    15-36193Awnemequom, Elisawife of Mitchell Awnemequom [192]25FTraversenee Sagato
    194Awnemequom, Patrickson of Mitchell Awnemequom [192]3MTraverse
    39-20, 13-28195Awnemequom, Joseph15MTraverseCarlisle School, Penn.son of Mitchell Awnemequom [192] by first wife, who was a daughter of Sophia Nishigebinesi or Bird 39-20, 13-28. Note: Boy to be enrolled with the grandmother
    196Awnemequom, Charlesbrother of Joseph Awnemequom[195]14MTraverseCross Villageson of Mitchell Awnemequom [192] by first wife, who was a daughter of Sophia Nishigebinesi or Bird 39-20, 13-28. Note: Boy to be enrolled with the grandmother
    7-26197Adams, Thomas11MTraverseChild of Susan Adams nee Mawcomewon, dec'd. Father Jake Adams, white.
    83-22198Waw-shaw-waw-naw-sheAishconock, Joe62MTraverseCross Village
    82-22199Aishconock, Elizabethwife of Joe Aishconock [198]60FTraverseOn 1870 Roll
    83-22200Aishconock, Williamson of Joe Aishconock [198]34MTraverseCross Villageunmarried
    83-22201Aishconock, Brunoson of Joe Aishconock [198]32MTraverseCross Village
    83-22202Aishconock, Theresadaughter of Joe Aishconock [198]30FTraverseCross Village
    5-38, 27-23203Aniwasky, Thomas53MTraverseBay Shorealso spelled Anwaskey or Anawaskey. His 2nd wife was Eliza Ogemawkagedo5-38. His 1st wife Eliza Wawsawkezhick 11-23, dec'd.
    5-38205Aniwasky, Josephson of Thomas Aniwasky [203]20MTraverseCharlevoix
    24-28206Aishkebawgosh, Benedict70MTraverseGoodheartGranddaughter Barbara Mixcenene (see M) lives with him.
    207Aishkebawgosh, Marywife of Benedict Aishkebawgosh[206]68FTraverseEnrolled with husband in 1870
    21-23208Aishquaykezhick, Joseph76MTraverseNorthport
    6-25, 6-23209Abinaw, Margaret50FTraverseHarbor Springsnee Wawsaygezhegoquay
    6-23210Abinaw, Paul35MTraverseHarbor Springs
    6-28211Abinaw, Ceceliawife of Paul Abinaw [210]27FTraversenee: Mayongoway
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