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    3-1Francis GurnoeSault Ste. Marie
    57-4Mrs. Henry Hudson3x Great AuntSault Ste. Marie
    1-13Mrs. Agatha Biddle, ChiefMackinac
    2-13Mrs. Louis MaishtannMackinac
    3-13Mrs. Andrew Moran2x Great Grand MotherMackinac
    4-13Mrs. Edward LasleyMackinac
    6-13Mrs. Charles BennettMackinac
    7-13Mrs. Wm. Karrow1x Great AuntMackinac
    10-13Mrs. Henry KarrowMackinac
    19-13Mrs. David KniffinMackinac
    29-13Mrs. Mary A. Karrow3x Great Grand MotherMackinac
    17-17John B. Karrow2x Great UncleMackinac
    26-5595Badgers, Maggie (Wasquam)26FSault Ste. MarieBay Mills
    596Badgers, Nancy6FSault Ste. Marie
    Badgers, FannieSault Ste. MarieSee Saboo, Jane (S) a child of #595 lives with Jane Saboo pay share to JaneSaboo
    6-13676Bennett, Mrs. Charles73FMackinacMackinaw Cityhusband white
    677Bennett, Eliza27FMackinacdied March 17, 1907
    17-17755XBoda, Lucy1th cousin, 3 times removed.23FMackinacCheboygannee Carrow, husband white, child on 2nd Roll
    756XBoda, Herbert2th cousin, 2 times removed.9MMackinac
    757XBoda, Mabel2th cousin, 2 times removed.5FMackinac
    6-131245Cadron, Theresa40FMackinacnee Bennett
    7-131249Carow, Mrs. William1x Great Aunt80FMackinacCheboygan
    7-131250Carow, Andrew1th cousin, 2 times removed.56MMackinacCheboyganwife white, has barber shop
    1251XCarow, William2th cousin, 1 times removed.18MMackinac
    1252XCarow, Anthony2th cousin, 1 times removed.15MMackinac
    29-131280.5Carow, Mary III See Karrow,3x Great Grand MotherFMackinacCounty Poorhouse, Cheboygan,See 102453-09
    Mary A. (K)3x Great Grand MotherMackinacMich.
    17-171285Carow, John B.2x Great Uncle60MMackinacCheboyganOn 1870 roll.
    1286Carow, Mary57FMackinacOn 1870 Roll.
    1287XCarow, Frank1th cousin, 3 times removed.35MMackinac
    1288XCarow, George1th cousin, 3 times removed.33MMackinac
    29-131289XCox, Jane1th cousin, 3 times removed.40FMackinacCheboyganDumas
    17-171350XCarow, Reuben1th cousin, 3 times removed.41MMackinacCheboyganwife white, child on 2nd Roll
    1351XCarow, William2th cousin, 2 times removed.15MMackinac
    1352XCarow, Charles2th cousin, 2 times removed.13MMackinac
    1353XCarow, Walter2th cousin, 2 times removed.10MMackinac
    1354XCarow, Agnes2th cousin, 2 times removed.9FMackinac
    1355XCarow, Roy2th cousin, 2 times removed.7MMackinac
    1356XCarow, Eva2th cousin, 2 times removed.5FMackinac
    1357XCarow, Richard2th cousin, 2 times removed.3MMackinac
    17-171358XCarow, Paul1th cousin, 3 times removed.32MMackinacCheboyganwife white
    1359XCarow, Pansy2th cousin, 2 times removed.6FMackinac
    20-9, 13-91651Dason, Joseph45MSault Ste. MarieNamah
    67-351652Dason, Mary36FSault Ste. Marie
    1657Dason, Joseph Jr.2MSault Ste. Marie
    3-131706Davis, Maggie1x Great Aunt40FMackinacPortland, Oregon, 394 Grand Avnee Moreau husband white
    1707XDavis, GeorgeGreat Uncle19MMackinac
    1708XDavis, Emma1th cousin, 2 times removed.14FMackinac
    1709XDavis, Ethel1th cousin, 2 times removed.9FMackinac
    3-131710Demonow, Angeline1x Great Aunt36FMackinacGrace Harbor or Cheboygannee Moreau, husband white
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