Morrow Family Tree



Joseph Valley
1875 - 1940
Agnes Boucher Adoskin
1862 - 1930


Henry Joseph Morrow
1903 - 1988
Snooks Henry Joseph Morrow
1921 - 2000
Virginia Morrow
1924 - 1925

Earnestine Valley

b. 1905
d. 07 Nov 1924
Baraga, Baraga County, Michigan, USA
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Earnestine Valley Vital Records

Death Record for Earnestine Morrow
Post ID 884
Author admin
Date 2010-10-28 04:19:49
Status publish
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Categories: Death, Attached To: Earnestine Valley
Name: Ernestine Morrow Gender: Female Burial Date: Burial Place: Death Date: 07 Nov 1924 Death Place: Baraga Village, Baraga, Michigan Age: 19 Birth Date: 1905 Birthplace: Mic....... Read More

Earnestine Valley Miscellaneous

1910 Census Valley - Cedarville,Michigan
Post ID 1598
Author admin
Date 2010-11-17 03:18:38
Status publish
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Categories: Census, Attached To: Earnestine Valley, Mary Bergeron Valley, Joseph Valley, Edward Valley, Elizabeth Della Valley, Levina Valley

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