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John Roe
1805 - 1881
Eliza Poole
1808 - 1868


Marie Wynn
1839 - 1917
Isabella Jane Roe
1865 - 1946
Eliza Maria Roe
1867 - 1946
Oakman Sylvester Roe
1869 - 1964
Ashton Webster Roe
1871 - 1952
Mary Emma Poole Roe
1872 - 1957
Elman Wilford Roe
1880 - 1949

Samuel Roe

b. Jul 1843
d. 16 Dec 1921
Pickford Twsp, Chippewa County, Michigan United States
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Samuel Roe Miscellaneous

Sam Roe
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Sam is one of seven sons of John Roe and Eliza Poole, they migrated to Lanark. Sam was a surveryor and came to Pickford area in the early to mid 1870's to survey property for the railroads (I think ....... Read More
John Roe and Eliza Poole - Reseach by Bill Roe
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Categories: Mackinac, Attached To: James Roe, John Roe, Robert Roe, Eliza Poole, Henry Roe, Richard Roe, William Roe, Thomas Roe, Samuel Roe
ROE FAMILY HISTORYSubmitted by Bill Roe and published in the LCGS newsletter, January, 1999.            My great-great grandparents, Thomas and Sarah Roe and their four (or five) children....... Read More

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