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Antoine Duman Dumas

b. May 1836

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Antoine Duman Dumas Vital Records

1907 Antoine Duman Death Certificate
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Date 2010-10-24 12:31:46
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Categories: Death, Attached To: Antoine Duman Dumas

Antoine Duman Dumas Miscellaneous

1870 Census Andre Morin
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Date 2010-11-17 03:15:13
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Categories: Census, Attached To: Mary Corron, Andrew Morin, Antoine Duman Dumas
Andrew Morin and Mary Corron Morin living with the Diemond (Duman/Dumas)family in Cheboygan Michigan. In 1870, Andrew and Mary were recently married in 1867 Ancke Morin age 71, lives with ....... Read More

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